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JDizzO's Gnoll Army...of 7 (pic heavy)


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So to start out I have at least a base coat for the fur on these guys.  I am trying to improve my skills with each mini I complete and thought what better way than to have the amazing talent on these forums guiding my hand.  


We start with one of the gnoll warriors.  i am thinking his skin is done, excluding a couple touch ups here and there.  What do you think?  Also is the orange too much?  If so I was thinking of making it the red/orange like the loin cloth.  Any tips on making the copper stand out more?  Maybe a darker color for the leather?





Next is Toghra.  I think the dark fur is about done, but let me know if you think it could use a couple more colors.  Still trying to figure out the lighter fur.  I just rebased the feet after creating a mess.  I want to add some more color to the light fur but don't want it to blend too much with the dark fur.  Not sure if I will stay with the red on the armor.  Though I guess a red/orange theme on all would create a sense that they run together, and give a tribal feel.  I am still working out the mouth as well so any advise on that is appreciated.  Leaning towards another coat of flat black with some grey highlights.

77235-23.png  772353.png



Next is one of my archers.  I did the green because when researching I found out that apparently they are a ghoulish green.  So I thought I should do at least one with this color scheme.  It still needs work as you can see.  Again not really sure how I will approach the lighter fur.  Also the darker fur looks a bit too reptillian imo.




Lastly is the whole bunch.  After doing the fur on three I think I will stick to three different color schemes.  I wasn't too impressed with the others.



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A little progress tonight.  I brought the tunic up to match the gnoll warrior, and then painted the other armor pieces the same color.  more just to bring out some of the details so I can decide how I want to paint them.




I also started adding more detail to another gnoll warrior.  Thanks to this picture I noticed I missed the tail and back leg section got that as well.



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Off to a good start!


If you want that copper to stand out more, I'd say give it some patina in the shadows, some dark green washes. This will also contrast nicely with the reds as it's on the opposite side of the color wheel from red. Using color theory is fun ::D:

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Some pics of this weekends progress.


Added shadows and highlights to the armor.




Added another layer of a darker red/brown to the fur.  It matched the base coat a little too well.




And lets not forget adding a dark green wash to the copper of this guy.  Its so shiny and chrome now  ^_^



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Here are some pics from last night.  Mostly just base coats.


Gnoll Warrior:  went over the studded armor and necklace with a darker brown that had some nice red tones in it.




Bloodmane:  Added a 4th color to the fur and base coated the armor.  I have some clean up to do after the armor but not too bad.



Gnoll Warrior:  just started on the armor of  this guy.  I like his fur color a lot more now( I know I'm weird).  The red on the metal pieces is an experiment to use it as an undercoat for my copper paint.  I really want to level up my TMM* skills.  


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I have been working on these guys.  The red undercoat works really well but it was too bright.  After being dulled a bit it blended too well with their skin tones.  I then did a light blue under coat with some bolt gun metal and then brought that up a bit for some highlights.  I should be able to post some photos tonight!

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I am glad I started this.  I was feeling like I had made little progress and scrolled through and realized that is not the case  ^_^ .


Gnoll Warrior:  I settled on the red theme so I put a base coat of red and some shading on him.  Now I just need to bring it up to red/orange




Bloodmane:  Put some copper and orange highlights on the metal bits.  Next for a brown wash some copper highlights.



Gnoll Warrior: Did a blue undercoat with boltgun metal over that.  Then added some white to the metal and did some highlights.  More to do here still as well.  Did a little work on his fur and the weapon as well.




Toghra: Painted the metal its on this one as well.  Still need to do the highlights.



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So I noticed the other day that my pics don't show up anymore.  It appears that the site I was using as a blog went the way of Moander.  I have since setup BlogSpot which fixes the issue going forward, but I really don't want to fix all the pic links.  So unfortunately I am calling it quits on this WIP.  It was a very productive first WIP and I learned a lot, like WIPs take more time to manage than I am willing to put in right now.  Not to worry though as soon as I finish my Gnolls I will be sure to post them in Show Off.  Thanks for your time, and the likes!

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