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I have been collecting cheap terrain for a while now and recently found some modular shops which was one of the last things I needed to get.  So I finished up the shops and some caves and thought I would share.  I print them on 110lb cardstock and use white glue to attach them to some cheap foam sheets.


First the caves.  As you can see there are plenty more ready to go as well.  I just slapped some together quickly for the picture.  The caves did warp a bit because of the glue, but it was no match for some heavy books.




Next the modular shops.  I ran out of ink(and foam) or I would have setup the streets I found as well.




and a close up of one.  They really have great detail.





and with that it is time to spend some time with the family.  Maybe I will post the trees/bushes I made next time, and by made I mean flocked/based.

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