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  For your first try, it's pretty damn good... Some of the edges are a little bit soft, but that's the sort of thing you get better at with practice (and greater magnification, lol). Although those clay shapers are good for smoothing and blending edges, and pushing around putty for bulk details, you should consider doing a lot more work with your hobby knife as the white clay shapers are fairly soft and don't have nearly as fine an edge or point on them.

(They also sell black clay shapers as well, which are the firmer ones - most folks use the extra-firm ones in a size 0...)

And always keep your tools well-lubricated - it makes it a lot easier to make the putty go where you want it.


  As for the rock, I think part of the problem may be that it just doesn't look much like rocks... It looks more like a stalagmite in a cave. Different types of stone have very different characteristics, and are affected differently by different types of erosion, i.e., a river rock is going to be smooth and round, whereas a boulder rolled by a glacier isn't going to be nearly as even although it'll still have more rounded edges. Being an inorganic object, it's much likelier to have sharper edges and flat surfaces than a living creature/plant like a tree or the dragon. The various details on the rocks should be smaller and sharper than what you're likely to get using the clay shapers.

Usually when I make rocks I use the flat side of a hobby knife or bladed sculpting tool to form the various sides, and then use just the point of the flat side held at a slight angle to press in details with sharp edges.

What you might consider doing is looking up a few pics of different rock formations and taking a flat file (if you have one) to some of the side of the rocks.


  You're off to a really good start so far.


  Oh, one other note - we're not allowed to post commerce links here, so you might want to edit your post above to link directly to the picture rather than the web page it's on...

Thank you for the kind words and advice! I'll definitely try fixing up the stone when the wings are done. I tried pushing a small stone against it for the surface, but you're absolutely right about it being to soft around the edges, I think I made a mistake in thinking the surface of a small rock would look like a shrunken big rock.. It's probably not that scale-able, at least not in this case.

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I am of course in way over my head here, but I am trying my hand at sculpting now. I've looked at a bunch of guides and tutorials, and played around with GS and fimo. This project will hopefully resul

Photo time!    Here's part of his back... The holes are for attaching of the wings, something I of course realized I should have thought of earlier. Oh well... His teeny weeny face, yay! 

Here he is, painted and together with his master! I haven't got any "proper" photos of him yet, but there will probably be some of those soon, since I want to have my first try at sculpting well docu

Posted Images

Definately like the way you are going with your dragonette!

I would never have guessed it was your first time!

And +1 for the extra firm clay shapers!

It looks great!


I couldn't do that!


*** on a sidenote I don't eat fish, but throw me an Elk or Moose and I'll eat it***

Alg is fabulous when cooked good!


A European that doesn't eat fish? :blink:



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Definately like the way you are going with your dragonette!

I would never have guessed it was your first time!

And +1 for the extra firm clay shapers!

It looks great!


I couldn't do that!


*** on a sidenote I don't eat fish, but throw me an Elk or Moose and I'll eat it***

Alg is fabulous when cooked good!


A European that doesn't eat fish? :blink:




You might be surprised how many of us there are.


Some of our ancestors were fisherman, others were hunters....I think mine were hunters...

If something comes out of the sea and I like it...



It's probably a pretty woman in swimsuit..


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He is done! And here's more pictures!



Wire structure for wings added.



GS carefully added in thin layers to create the wings. This was a really pain...



Other side... Here I've also started working on the stones to make them more realistic.



Done! Base coat added (still not dry, hence the shine).



I fixed the stones and made them look like a pile of stones instead of a pile of ****. ::P:



There was some problems with attaching the wings and I had to use both glue and GS to make one of them stick properly. I don't think it's very noticeable though.


This was really fun and I actually think the little guy is pretty cute. Sure, his face is a bit dorky, but I guess it's part of his charm. :;):

There is one thing I noted for the next time I'll do something like this:

I need patience! From waiting until the GS is really cured before trying to add more detail, to properly planning the "skeleton" wire, I need to let things take their time in order to make everything so much easier.


Thanks everyone for your advice and nice words! It's really inspiring, and unless I do something terrible you might get a picture of him painted as well (he might even be something I'd like to show off). :;):



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Here he is, painted and together with his master! ::D: I haven't got any "proper" photos of him yet, but there will probably be some of those soon, since I want to have my first try at sculpting well documented. ::):




We had him in game yesterday, though he didn't get much action as he was set to be the look-out while we're raiding a cave... ::P:

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      So i've got that trio of spiders from nolzur's.

      They do not come with sculpted bases - unlike most of the nolzur's line.  This isn't a huge issue, except that these suckers have a bunch of tiny spindly legs.  I am worried about getting a good hold.
      So I have a few questions:
      1: how to fasten these guys to a base?  Just glue the legs and hope, or pin them through the body like a flightstand?
      2: how to sculpt/or assemble, suitable bases to compliment their spindly nature and ensure a better hold.
      3: how to attach the spider in a way that I can paint underneath it OR should I find a way to glue it down after both parts are painted?
      So the webbed victim shown in the photo above I have decided to leave out as a piece of scatter.  There is a stone base (not pictured) that I have already glued to a reaper base for one of the spiders.  Each of the spiders has a slightly different pose with their legs - which is made worse by them being bent out of shape.  I'm hoping to use this as an advantage though, and pose each spider differently.  One is rearing back with front legs up (this one I plan to glue to the supplied rocky base with the abdomen glued to the ground for extra support.
      Another spider has one side of legs kind of bent under a bit.  I'm thinking this would look good mounted sideways, crawling up the side of a fallen log (not sure if I should try to sculpt this, or find a twig to glue to the base).
      The last spider is pretty neutral, but I was thinking of posing it climbing down something just for variety.
      Any advice about sculpting the bases vs gluing organic material or mounting something with narrow points of contact would be tremendously helpful.  My indecision has lead to two weeks of no painting.
    • By Downfall
      I recently finished a group of Reaper Bones miniatures. As they are so small they were a little hard to paint at some points. I'm fairly new painting miniatures so I was looking for some feedback and potentially some tips on how to improve in the future. All comments, advice, and constructive criticism is welcome. 
      My own main criticism with them is the highlights as I'm not 100% where/how to paint proper highlights to make a natural look without a ton of brush strokes.

    • By knarthex
      So at Reapercon 2018, I scored the Duskwarden poster of Thregan Helmsplitter for my work at the auction, and of course, being the Duskwarden*, I have a couple of the minis as well.
      So I was thinking of using him as my next PC, but as I have hair, I wanted my mini to also...
      While working on another project with GS, as usual, I made to much, and decided to bite the bullet and do his hair...
      What do you think?

      Comments appreciated!
      Doesn't Jacob Knochengard look like me???
    • By BLZeebub
      Couple reaper samurai I used for a commissioned diorama.  Rock is pine bark, tree is a wire armiture covered with plumber's epoxy putty and paper towel and super glue (for the skinnier parts), foliage is bleached, dyed, and preserved reindeer moss.

    • By Rat13
      Having just started a 45 figure batch paint of guardsmen, I decided a side project may be in order. Just a little something I could fiddle with off and on to disrupt the monotony and I knew just the project. 
      About a year ago, after I finished my first commissar,  I thought it would be a good idea to paint all my commissars differently. That way I could tell all of my HQs or elites apart, but wouldn't you know it after a couple games I realized it was completely unnecessary. Having already started down that path however I decided to press on.
      Within about the first week of pondering different color schemes I had a great idea. Unfortunately I lacked the skills and hobby confidence to attempt it. This past year I've managed to learn quite a bit though, especially about sculpting/working with greenstuff. So I think it's time to attempt a Hulk Hogan commissar.
      First up was locating a good reference photo for both his moustache and boa (see above).
      As the moustache was the trickier of the two I decided to start there. In a twist of fate getting a good texture was the easy part, but getting the proper size wasn't. After some back and forth I finally got the size correct. Then it was just a simple matter of using a pin and a toothpick to achieve a hair like texture. 
      This is what you get zooming in, but at a regular viewing distance I think it looks good. 
      Next came the boa. Try as I might I couldn't get a good feathery texture going. I could get a good amorphous blob/coral like texture though. Much like the moustache it'll fail upon close inspection but I think with a good paintjob it'll hold up just fine.  

      See I told you that moustache is passable with some distance.

      Now it's just a matter of letting everything dry before priming. I guess it's a good thing we have holiday commitments for the next couple days.
      As with any greenstuff project you always end up with some leftovers. After adding a skull to the Hulkster's base I thought I'd share the wealth with a few random models from my desk.

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