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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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Just thought I'd update this with my Reaper figures - kind of an inventory, only in visual format. Here's seeing what I can get done this year!






not a whole lot of Reaper stuff, most of my collection is GW/Wyrd/other. Most of the bones on the right of the second picture are orcs, goblins, a couple giants, and familars for our RPGing enterprises. I'm *trying* to get a good bunch of monsters togehter to use in our campaigns but I just haven't been motivated to paint many yet.




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Working on my Betrayal at Calth box a bit more this weekend!


also, while I always say I am a messy basecoater, I think I've really outdone myself this time - I accidentally dropped the flow aid bottle into the paint >< so I added more paint, but yeah apparently you *can* add too much flow aid LOL I'm working on their colour scheme atm, they're usually white and black, but I hate white, so I'm going to do a more light grey instead (cheating). Which bits will be which, that's the part I'm trying to figure out now.







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Lookin good!


I haven't accidentally dumped flo aid into my paints before but I can imagine that would be bad. I have however, dumped 2 entire jars of Citadel agrax earthshade onto the floor, and dropped a finished figure into my rinse water. I feel your pain, my friend.

yes! I have unfortunately done that as well =/ Although the worst incident was knocking it over onto the desk where I was working (with yes many unfinished minis about sigh). Or it might be when I knocked over the plastic glue, all over minis I was working on. Ugh I'm a klutz!

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Slightly bad phone pic as I didn't feel like breaking out the lightbox and camera (since I'd have to clean my desk first :P) Also I'm holding it at a bit of a weird angle, sorry


He's almost done - weapons are just basecoated, the black needs its edge highlight and I'm probably doing white edge highlights on the grey plates. I may also go back and do some more pin washes.


The colours used thus far are medium grey, rainy grey, weathered stone, with the black being just whatever black I have handy (forget tbh which brand it is)



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How did you make your urban bases?


Old bits of sprue and other odds and ends, small rocks, sand and a variety of rocks went into the "rubble" paste (glue + paint + "rubble"). A little bit of cork, not a ton. Craft black paint plus water for a wash, then several drybrushings, also a brown craft paint wash. I painted a lot of the sprue as metal. Oh and a few pieces I put in paperclip bits in as "rebar" as well as a little old window screen painted to look metallic as well.


I always keep odds and ends on hand to make rubble paste with and for projects like this ^_^ Some of the sprue in there is metal, which made it fun as I could bend it and shape it differently than the plastic sprue.


They're really easy and fun bases to make!


*edit* I forgot two things lol - craft punch in rectangle + craftfoam = bricks and the other thing I added was some plasticard bits, textured up to try to make them look like sheetmetal or other pieces of metal

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    • By R2ED
      So, i don't know if this is okay or not, but i wanted to share them.  I had never painted any warhammer stuff.  Both because of the cost and the fear of getting caught up in that universe.  Well... it started. 
      I bought my first set of intercessors back in January, but never touched them because i just didn't feel able to take them on.  There's some amazing painters who do these and i always felt inadequate.  Gotta start somewhere though.  I started watching a ton of videos on them and put some ideas together. 
      Here's my first ever 5 painted.  I tried to test two paint schemes green and blue. I think they both came out great. 





      having never got into these before, i now see the reason people like these so much.  Very fun but very time consuming.  
      Would love your feedback. 
    • By Ryan S
      Hi, I want to start this to get me motivated to get some accountability and hopefully guilt myself into working. So here is the very first of hopefully many steps.
      The first step is to prime the miniature, I've done that, the 2nd step? To photograph the miniature to capture the volumes of real light that shows where I want my light source. For this I want two light sources. So really that means I just used my computer screen and my ceiling light, adjust the miniature to taste and get the angle I want to set the light.
      The screen light is whiter and will be the light from outside the window, the yellower ceiling light will be my tavern fire light and will be the primary light source.
      The skin will be fairly shiny so this is pretty much a mandatory process to get those realistic sheens....because I'm literally stealing form reality it helps a lot. If I were a better painter I could fake the light sources with enough knowledge. Thankfully  I have some serious shadows on the model, and my mid tones will have a lot of room for blending.
      The problem now? Picking my colors.
      What do I know? I know the floor is wood colored and the axe/haft materials
      I know that I'm going to want off white and pinks for eye whites and gums teeth etc.
      The gold of the primer is actually a really beautiful color for a fantasy creature, so I might see if I can't keep that.
      So Gold, pink, whites/off whites, and browns, I don't know if I want a two toned or patterned beholder. I think this is gonna be a challenge whatever I do. I think I want to go for a fleshy color

    • By Hack Mini Painter
      Hi Gang,
      Been a while... this project took some time. The shoulder and knee pads were a lot of "cut and paste" (read kitbash). This isn't strictly the "Emperor's" lore, but I'm just a painter so I do whatever I like. I've also been a bit obsessed with fluorescent paint lately, and the plasma gun got the full treatment.

      In the end I didn't try pushing this project further as I was just running out of gas. Perhaps I could have left it on the "shelf of aging" for a while and come back to it, but in the end they made a sweet squad that I'm pleased with. See the sides, back and all that. Here.
      Thanks for checking it out,
    • By aku-chan
      Presenting the Chubby Lamplighter, along with his friends Skinny Lamplighter and Lady Lamplighter (who I haven't painted yet), who are part of the Jedza set from the game Malifaux by Wyrd Games.
      Despite loving Malifaux figures I stopped buying them because they just look so awful when I paint them up, but after seeing this set being unboxed on Youtube I had to pick them up.
      Not my best work in general (I think I spent more time reattaching the incredibly fragile dangly bits on his staff than painting him), but much better than I usually manage with the Malifaux range.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Marsya
      Since I haven’t had a WIP in a very long time, I thought this mini would be perfect for it. I plan to paint her up for a Christmas gift for a friend and figured to keep me on track I’d do a WIP. 
      I have a few minis in progress she’ll be my main priority after my Darksword Stephanie Law Bard. I prepped her and primed yesterday after the humidity finally dropped.
      My current projects in various stages on my desk. 

      And just the pinup after some prep work 

      A few places I could have spent more time on but figured I’ll prime and see what stands out. 

      I used army painter matte black primer followed by Tamiya fine white primer. For the bits on her base I left them in black since she will be the focal point no need to use white on them, it’ll help the colors be a bit more muted. 
      And finally my quick mock up for color checking. I usually just print a stock photo and use my paints over it to plan the general scheme. 

      Now to finish up my bard then onto tackling her flesh. Since she’ll have a hint of sheer with her stocking I needed to be sure the color for her skin and the sheer works and won’t lose the effect due to the color choices. 
      Feel free to post C&C throughout, or ask questions. I’m always happy to share what I can. I’ll do my best to share the steps I take and colors used. 
      Happy painting everyone. 
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