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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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Thanks guys :) appreciate it!

Orks are so much fun to convert, I'm glad I started doing them - though my goal this coming early 2018 is to finally finish (well most of them).



I had to put some GS in under the top bit, hence the clips, as the front half kept falling off due to not enough contact points.




Can't really see the panel where it normally sits so I took a pic before I put it on the bike.

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On 12/30/2017 at 9:08 AM, Chaoswolf said:

What project will you be moving on to after the orks are finished?


Well I still have a good bit of orks, but I'm intending (as a main project anyway), to start working on my Ratticus Mechanicus army >:D I have a lot of Skaven left, and several new boxes of Skitarii stuffs so I'm hoping to really convert a lot, not simply change out heads and add tails (though I'll do that as well)


On 12/30/2017 at 12:46 PM, Glitterwolf said:

Great vehicle!


Thanks =D Still hoping to get a game in soon so I can see how it does lol

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Well, for the record, in a small game, with a small mat, vs Dark Eldar - the warbuggy got blowed up before it got to do anything lol And the rest of my orks weren't far behind. It didn't help the trukk exploded killing a bunch of my own crew as well. But thus it goes in orks - we'll 'av anuvver go!


Meanwhile working on more Lootas, and taking stock of what i have to do. I also moved my Chibis closer to my paint station... so maybe they'll get some paint on them per my plans ><20180113_194832.thumb.jpg.fd8f6f2d7d7dae78f88f4c515d0c0466.jpg




So for the rest of the army...

I need to base Lootas and the Burnaboyz,

I need to finish 15 more boyz (found whilst cleaning ><),

I have two MANz to finish, 

I have 35 grots to paint,

20ish Nobz to paint,

a Battlewagon to build and paint,

2 Grot tanks to paint (they're from G.U.T.S., Chibi Shermans and are ADORBS)

I'm planning on buying 2 Trukk kits, 2 Mek Gunz kits and converting for a total of 4 Mek Gunz (one of each type)

Also, need to buy 1 unit of Flash Gitz, 

and then hopefully, my army will be done! So maybe by May I figure.




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Thanks Glitterwolf!


I did some more work on the bases, the minis are basically finished, though I have 8 more of them to do. I'm debating putting water effects on the base. It would help keep the minis on, they're just superglued atm. But it's a lot of work and not all my guys have water effects either. I gave them some rocky shore type stuff, so I could get them up at a proper angle, otherwise they tend to all be pointing down.


The Mek boy (single figure) I had trouble getting his arms to line up properly *and* get his head on >< very annoying but eventually I just had to GS his left arm and finagle the right so it sorta looks right, sigh.










And I couldn't quite start on 8 more orkz late last night so instead I decided to work on this cute little guy for a while. I'm trying to use some glazes instead of how I normally paint, so we'll see how it goes!





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These aren't really "New" per se, but I finished the base for one of my Trukks. It was a bit of a trial, I think next time I'll be sticking the Trukk in, after doing the waves, instead of trying to 'save' space for the tires. It just didn't nestle as naturally into the divets as I"d hoped. Anyway here's its sea base:





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Thanks guys! Trying to start in on the others soon (tm) so I should have stable bases for trukks soon.


Been sick so I've been a bit diverted, but this is what I've been working on mostly - 



Built a few things - Battlewagon for my Orkz




Gangs of Commorragh box set for my son's Dark Eldar (Drukhari) army:



And cleaned the mold lines off these guys, so I can try to get some done for "Squadary" (Squad in February)


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