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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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Working on my son's Ghostark model (for his necrons). trying to decide how to do this colour scheme he has in mind. It's basically a kind of ancient bronze/brassy gold, not so much patina as just general aged.


This is my WIP shot of the first rib:




I'm trying to replicate this scheme based on a model he saw online, and also with a nod to the Amarran architecture/themes from Eve Online (like this Punisher frigate I used to fly)


So far I've done the following (I think the above pic is updated to just about all these steps):


Dwarf bronze basecoat

sepia wash

Vallejo Old Gold DB - fairly heavy to medium

black wash

Hashnut copper (lighter, more red) layer

black wash

Touched up edges with runelord brass


Really thinking it may need another, more directed wash but not sure yet. Overall I'm getting quite an odd effect with the wash on the flat surfaces, it's not flowing as well as I'd like. Or building up like I'd thought it would, I guess.


Any thoughts?

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Hmm... well just as an experiment, on one of the ribs of the Ghostark (shown above), I tried to use some rub 'n' buff Gold on it. It's touted a lot for a lot of applications in miniatures, particularly vehicles (if you read the FW books or watch some of the youtube they'll sometimes talk about it). It did not work out well. I found the rubbing of it (which is how it works) actually removed some of my paint :(


What I think happened is this: I'd painted dark brown over the primer (as a base for the bronze/gold) and in this case, the primer either had not reached the area in question, or there just wasn't enough of it. So, when I went to rub the rub 'n' buff on, it essentially just rubbed the paint off =/ Sigh.

Another day another lesson!

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Bit more work done, almost done with all the basecoat layers Yay!




Just dryfitting still trying to make sure it'll go together correctly




the necron warriors sit along these ribs, so I figure I'll have to basically add the figures to each rib, glue then repeat


And these are what I really want to start on next for my own army:





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Just adding my WIP pics of my Avatar of Sokar, from the May FB contest - was an interesting process that's for sure! I had a lot of fun painting him up. Took these on my phone as a record, so they're not really great. *edit* Here - hopefully this will fix it :)





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welp been sick a lot this week, but finally over it and getting some work done on my Luna Wolves Rhino (a kinda APC essentially for those who have no idea what it is)


I have to say, I'm starting to absolutely adore weathered stone and Rainy Grey reaper paints. I'm using them both over the medium grey to achieve the nice not-white "white" on all my Luna Wolves and it comes out amazingly well imo. A bit better in pictures, frankly, but still really nice rich colour, without being too cold.


bit of pic spam incoming:









Still have a lot of work to do, highlights, places I've missed, clean up etc. Plus the driver and the gunner which I haven't touched yet even

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Should probably update this more often....


here's Loken with his neck join hidden better (my sculpting skills suck):



And a project I wasn't supposed to start on yet and has been eating all my time because it's so much fun >< Bad Guildy work on your terrain! bad bad! argh


I started an Ork army to play vs my son's necrons and they need transport! so I started scratch building an Ork Trukk, cuz I have model kits, sprue and a few GW bits. And glue. Lots of glue.












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Ooohh cool idea for a wartruck!


Thanks! It's a lot more fun to build than I thought it would be even, I'm having to tear myself away to finish some other projects I'm supposed to be working on lol


I have a plan for a viking boat one, with necron bits too! Arrrgh so many projects so little time lol


Anyway, speaking of more projects:




My minis for Wyrd's Iron Painer contest. They're Darksword miniatures, awesome anthropomorphic miniatures! Not knocking Reaper at all but boy I wish they made some too.

They were all picked out for by my son for his Frostgrave band. He is painting most of the other ones (with a little help). He removed all the flashing, mold lines and learned to clean the minis already. He was very thorough I was impressed! Not that they had a lot of mold lines/flash either - great casts. I only had a few mold lines to really clean up.


He loved the idea of the owl mage with two shrews as famliars so that's what we're going with!


I'm going to put them on a display/diorama/Frostgrave scenery piece as soon as I figure out how I'm going to paint them, I will work on building that as well.

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owing to my magpie tendancies and ADHD when working on projects, here is a semi full list of the things I'm working on atm. At least I'm never bored!




This is the balewind vortex, from the same box as the Magewrath throne (the OOP GW terrain kit) - that'd be the one I did with the skullz earlier. I really didn't like how the blue came out, so I'm going to likely go back and redo it in green and try harder to make it look more ethereal. I think the blue is too dark overall and doesn't go as well with the more gold colours in the top and bottom. I used rub n buff on the top, as an experiment, was interesting! I like how it came out and all. I plan on using such for larger things like vehicles, and accents, but found it was a little hard to control where it went. Masking is likely a must.




These are my current ork horde, which i keep adding to, instead of starting the painting process lol. I put another 11 boyz together and some gretchin (tiny goblin like things) from bits and pieces. I was trying to get enough of the horde done so I could play my son before he went away to Philmont but unfortunately didn't quite make it.




Speaking of my son, this is his Necron stalker, for his 40k army. Haven't primed it yet as I'm waiting for a couple pieces to come in, so I can make the weapons swap out easily.




And on the Malifaux front, I got a perdita box for the hubby and started putting it together. painting will likely take a while as he is needing the models to learn the game.




Full of little fiddly bits, but after doing Wyrd's gremlins I feel like a master o the models lol Anyway these went together pretty well but i'm concerned about the legs on the birds. It's quite fragile, like many of Wyrd's models (to the point I no longer put them in my army transport foam but rather am magnetising them all). I don't know how to pin something so small! what wire would you use? assuming (when) they come off, I'll likely need to know =/ At least I have the drills now. I thought about pinning them first, but I'm really not comfortable doing it.


And a little bit of a spoiler here (as this relates to my summer exchange mini!):



So I was hemming and hawing,trying to come up with a good idea for this, and my partner had requested possibly a converted monster. Well I wasn't sure about that as my level of conversion skill is mostly head swaps, weapon swaps etc. But I happened to glance at one of my (many, sadly) unpainted reaper bones and *lightbulb*




Yes it's a minecraft spider rider! lol The large spider from bones is perfect for this. And it just so happens, since I had wanted some skeletal horses for my as-yet-to-be created Marsh board, I had bought a box of Tomb Kings skeletal riding horses. The riders are perfect and much to my delight, one fit the spider like it was made for it. I just need to pin him a bit so he won't slip off.


The plan is to try to make a little scene with it, using various cork painted tiles to mimic the tile aspect of minecraft, and maybe, if I can figure out how, a couple of the square trees. That part is still very much under thought at this point.





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Did some basecoating on "Bob" (he's a Hellpit Abomination from Warhammer's Skaven faction). Also need to upload my pics of some of my other stuff, soon's I figure out where the cats knocked my camera's cable off... so I can upload to the computer.




couple older pics, I haven't taken new ones but they show some of my WIP:


40k Orks (space piratey themed):





hubby's Malifaux perdita crew:







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Work in Progress on my Summer exchange (spoilered for my recipient); mostly working on the base atm, the figure itself is done but needs pinning I think. At least I'm considering it, may not as I think it might be also nice to take it off again (you'll see what I mean in pics).


Took these with my phone, so apologies if not quite well done.






This is me starting the base. I was going to use some cork bits cut to the correct size (aprox. 1in) but I decided a bit of foam board would do just as well, and be a bit easier, especially as somehow I've mislaid my steel ruler. First step was to soak off the top layer of paper, I just took a fairly wet, but not 100% dripping bit of rag and laid it over it for a good while.




And because I was yet again a bit too impatient, I still had bits of paper attached when I peeled off the top (if you do wait long enough it comes right off honest). So I grabbed my favorite GW tool, which gets a bad rap at times but tbh is quite useful as you can see here, and scrapped it off fairly easily.




here's the base coating of the base. Now I should explain the theme as I've mentioned earlier is Minecraft and so I wanted the tiles to look like the pixelated blocks in the game, as the skeleton is a dreaded Spider Rider (granted they don't have bows, which I'd forgot, but oh well!).




This is the base with the pixelated colours to represent the dirt and grass blocks. The grass blocks tend to be a bit more similiar I think? And I used the Reaper Jungle Moss etc triad (honestly probably my all time favorite greens). The Brown is a bit more of a mix, there's Vallejo medium grey, GWs Mournfang Brown, Reaper's ruddy leather, as well as GWs zandri dust, and a variety of mixes I concocted from all of the above.




Here it is, with the Spider Rider in place, I think the scale's about right. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the trees or not. I'd wanted to, but honestly I think if I do 'full' size trees, it'll overwhelm the whole thing a bit, and frankly be a pita to ship with. I'd prolly have to do it, keeping it separate if I did put those in. I think instead, I will likely do 'logs' instead, like when you cut the trees in Minecraft, just a few, maybe 1 1-block one and 1 2-block one or some such.


Anyway, hope you enjoy and if you've any comments feel free to add them! I'd enjoy the feedback. thanks!





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Been playing with metals on my ork koptaz (they're basically little helicopters with a single pilot). I used a recipe Januine on Dakka came up with, quite like how it came out tbh. It's just a bronzy gold, vallejo old gold, and runefang steel all drybrushed over a dark primer. Eventually I'll be doing colours over the parts that aren't really supposed to be metals. And the rockets etc will not be bronze at the end.

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