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Currently madly trying to finish Orkz

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More WIP on my koptaz = they're almost done =D Just need to do the pilot, really. I did some transfers for the first time, some decals. They worked out pretty good. I need to learn to be more patient with them but otherwise only a couple places I messed up (not easily seen in this picture).




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did you intend to have two styles of copter..   one set with clock wise rotation of the rotors and one set with counter clockwise?


yup! they're a mishmash. It kind of started because all of the rotor blades were broken when I got the models (ebay) and then I decided, well, Orks just stick stuff together so voila, thus is born the not-really-flying fliers lol The middle one didn't have any blades at all, so I'm toying with making some from plasticard when I get time, but it looks kinda neat the way it is too I think.

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You've got a lot of very cool projects going on!


I love the heavily weathered Avatar of Sokar that you did, that turned out very nicely, I think.


Thank you! had a lot of fun doing that model. I've plans for a couple of the others like it as well now, to add to an egyptian theme RPG thing we got going.


Working some more one my Piratey orks, I tried to make some hats (lol not a good GS'er) The tricorne hats came out pretty ok surprisingly, the eyepatch is kinda meh, and I really need to try to improve the skullcap/bandana as that's more what I'd like to do with them.






my Showoff thread for the complete Deffkoptaz:



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more stuffs!


Since I finished my new Swamp terrain board, my son and I have been very into playing on it of late. We're coming up with a lot of specialised rules and such as well, which is definitely keeping him entertained.


In the quest for his new army however he decided he needed a couple of Varghulfs for his Vampire Counts. The actual model is not only expensive but out atm anyways, so I promptly went digging through my bones pile and found two bugbears =D With a GW wing, they make really good Varghulfs! (Just don't tell Reaper they're moonlighting ;))


Here are Lefty and Righty :D






I forgot! they're only basecoated atm, so they'll have a few more highlights in bit here hopefully.


But I wanted to also mention those bases are two from the terrain exchange box and I finally got to use them =D <3 <3 <3 I've been looking for a really good use, and voila! they're perfect

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Did a little work on my Dingos for CAV


Not sure I'm entirely done yet, but they're pretty close I think!





The mold lines are driving me crazy but I just can't seem to get those final bits off. I stopped trying because I was just digging too much into the bones itself even on the flat bits :(

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Woah I've been very bad about keeping this up o.O


Anyway, after being sick for almost all of January (literally, it sucked.) I finally am feeling better and able to pick up my paint brush again... or at least my exacto in this case.

I'm back to working on my  Ork army a bit, between spates of working on our RPG figures and my son's necrons.

I have more piratey stuffs to do but for now I'm trying to finish a battlewagon I started scratchbuilding last year and basically just left sitting on my desk til now.









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I also pulled out these little guys for our RPG campaign. They're just basecoated sadly, I'm really not sure how to highlight them. I made their skin blue, because I wanted to do something different from all the gremlin/goblins I've been working on. And it just so turns out, Mites actually DO have blue skin, how's that for happenstance? haha


They're really small so it's been a bit of challenge for me, but they're such a cool model


(This is an old pic, I've not quite got a current one yet And sorry it's quite dark)


Any pointers on blue skin highlights, hit me up!



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Thanks Chaoswolf :D it's being quite a lot of fun, hoping to get it done this month actually.


I also got the kids' figures in and got them started painting them - they got to play with the Figure Finder on Reaper's main page and had a lot of fun. They were trying to match their ideas of what their characters for our RPG look like!


Now they are painting them :P


I tried not to give them too much advice - I have teenagers, they don't like to listen anyway. So far we're pretty much doing just a basic basecoat, a wash and a dry brush. I may help with highlights a bit, because they're either not interested or too worried about messing their figure up. I'm hoping at least this will give them some confidence!




Left to Right:

My youngest's Monk; my middle boy's Svartalfr (a dusky elf that's apparently a Faerie in Pathfinder universe) "Runr Svartrinn"; my oldest's Sorceress


I told my youngest he might consider getting tattoos on his character as his power grows, so we can slowly add them to the mini.

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Cool. Tattoos or Scarring are something any Martial Artist could get fairly easily and it makes a good story to tell. I played a Half-Orc Monk in one game that lost his Right hand early on and had to have an expensive and slightly dangerous Magic Ritual done to replace it. He ended up with some nasty Demon Lord's Right Hand and became Target Number One for That Guy! The Bright side was it gave thog a really cool thing where he could basically just touch some creature with his new right hand and just make it wither away taking massive amounts of damage every round until it managed save against it or die trying! It also gave them penalties to that fist couple saves it made, too, so that was a a rather difficult thing to do. The only problem was it would happen to ANYONE that the right hand touched. Thog did manage to trick a Shapeshifted Dragon into shaking his hand by playing off as "okay we are going to fight anyways but lets at least make it a fair fight and do the sporting thing and shake on it." And of course offered the Right Hand of Doom to the dragon. :p


But anywho, that is just one potential Story that a monk type might have. But an example or two can often stoke the creative fires.



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Exactly Generic Fighter! I think they're going to find it fun, once they get going a bit more. Atm they're all pretty much doing their own thing (IG as well)



My #1 son has worked on his mini a bit more. He's doing some of teh smaller bits as metal. He wants most of the rest to be bone, which is apporpriate for his necromancer.





#3 son, always one to do things his own way, went ahead and painted the kilt as leather (that's reapers bloodstain red, my absolutely favorite of favorites) And we talked about doing the metals.


I'm trying to teach them a bit more about thinning (I have a lot of GW paints still)


But look at that skin! Reaper causasian (sp) skin tone one of the HD paints - excellent excellent coverage. Perfect for newbs!

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