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Aina: Female Valkyrie. First NMM learning attempt.


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Hey all, DMAgamus here. I like trying new things, and looking at this mini I imagined lots of gleaming metal. So rather that start easy, I jumped face first into trying NMM, knowing the first attempts will be very, very bad (spoilers, they are). But the fun part of trying something for the first time is that you aren't likely to get much worse, so screw it: Aina, fist NMM metal attempt. Not the last, but I can see myself sticking with the ease of honed steel and black wash lol. I can't guarantee I won;t give up halfway through, but even some minor attempts will teach me something.







Alright, this is as far as I got tonight. Rough, but most things are when you're learning them I suppose.



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Getting the smaller bits right can be tougher in a way. Starting with a vertical sword blade was a great choice. The blending and placement looks good, judging by your work on the blade you'll be just fine painting nmm after some practice. Depending on your brush control, you'll want to add some edge highlights to the blade to really pop it out a bit more.


Very good start!

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