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Infamy Tesla

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*** Gets tomato...eats it while cheering Robinh on for a job well done***


Very nice, love the lightning effect.

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    • By Paradoxical Mouse
      So, I have just finished with the prep for Mr. Dodgeson from the Infamy Collectables KS. I loved the vibe from him. He's my first 54mm model...so please, make comments! I'd love constructive criticism, as always. 

      He's also my first resin piece, and I haven't primed him yet because I don't know whether or not I should. Just finished the base, so I'm going to let that harden and dry before I get started with the painting.
    • By robinh
      I finally managed to gather up the courage to assemble and paint one of the Infamy "Welcome to the Big Smoke" kick starter minis.  These are small highly detailed resin sculpts that have a lot of fiddly intricate parts and detail.  
      Please fell free to comment.
      now for what you all want the pictures!






      My photography skills are limited so apologies for the occasional out of focus pic.  This was after a mat spray but it looks like he needs another.   I have not based him yet as I am trying to come up with a nice one...  any suggestions will be taken into consideration.
    • By robinh
      After doing Sir Crossinguard I jumped back into the deep end and took on another of those extremely detailed Infamy The Big Smoke kickstarter sculpts.   This time I present 
      Harry  "The HAT"  Hallahan




      Comments/critiques...rotten fruit..room keys ..money ...all are welcome so feel free
    • By knarthex
      OK folks, I need some help...
      As most of you know, I am going to enter this guy in the Infamy painting contest, and I would like to make the best showing I can, so here are a bunch of pics, please choose the ones you think show him off the best!
      (I can send 8 pics total....)
      So please choose your favorite 8 pics and help me decide!
    • By knarthex
      So I have been working on this guy since the middle of April, and finished his base and final assembly tonight, So I give you
      The Hobgoblin
      I am taking many pictures to try and find flaws, as well as to solicit opinions as to the best way / angle / composition because Infamy miniatures is holding a painting contest for this figure, and I can only send them 6 pics.
      (PS if you have this mini, just entering the contest will net you a store voucher of 10 GBP! Entries by 30 June)
      I will likely post more pics when I get a better idea of what to do....
      Thanks for looking, and critiquing!
      Special Thanks to those that followed along in the WiP, as well as the Hangouts for all the encouragement and suggestions!
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