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Mage Knight Witch to Noblewoman

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I have several Mage Knight minis I'd gotten in a bulk order on ebay and I've rebased several and use them as NPC's in Pathfinder games.  However, they don't quite fill all the roles I need in GMing games.  I don't really have any nobles.  What I did have, was 2 of the witch-type mini (don't remember what the real name of the figure was).  Therefore, I left one as the witch/sorceress woman and turned the other into a noblewoman.  It required cutting off the shoulder pieces, the broom/staff thing, and the head dress.  Then, I used Green Stuff to mold hair with a braid wreathing the head, sleeves that were open at the shoulders, and a fan.

The first pictures are the original and conversion side by side.  The last picture is my converted noblewoman by herself as my phone's camera really didn't like having the very dark and very light figures side by side, so it didn't give good detail for the pair of them.

Hope you enjoy it!  Compliments, comments, and critiques are always welcome  :=)






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