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Siri's Undead/Vermin Bones WIP

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Due to requests, here is a quick WIP thread on mass painting a bunch of minis to table top quality =)

For starters I used two paints...Blue LIner and Brown Liner...and coated the minis based on what i want to do with them. (Brown I use for natural colors, red, etc. Blue is for green, blue, black main themes)


On the mummies, skeletons, rust monsters, spiders, tick and ghast ghoul things i then covered in Chestnut gold. On the Skeletons and mummies I then dry brushed a off-white over them


89031: Whispering Tyrant

77360: Mr. Bones

77259: Fly Demon

77280: Lich

77281: Succubus

77282: Vampire

77284: Zombie Ogre

77285: Skeletal Champion

77144: Mummy x 6
77146: Mummy Warrior

77126: Vermin: Spider x5

77046: Bat Swarm

77032: Oxidation Beast x2 (one with hat conversion)

77147: Mummy LIch

77025: Giant Spider

77161: Ghost King

77017: Skeletal Swordsman (with misssing arm and substituted spear through him)

77018: Skeletal Archer

77159: Ghast x4

?????: Chronoscope Tick thing





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So first thing I did now was break out 3 different colors...Nightshade Purple, Nightmare Black, and Bloodstain Red.

I applied the colors to each mini that was going to have them for their color scheme.

Nightmare Black went on the Whispering Tyran'ts cape, the Ghost King's cape, and the fly demon's wings


Nightshade Purple went on the spiders, Mr. bones, the back of the Succubus' wings, the fly demon's body, the LIch's cape and the back of the Vampire's cape


Bloodstain red went on the Lich's robes, the Succubus' robes, and the front of the Vampire's cape, and the mummy-lich's loincloth thingy, and the zombie-ogre's loincloth. I then drybrushed a bit of remaining red on the tick's butt 






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More work today.

This time I broke out 5 colors....Pure Black, my off-white color (label is super faded), Drown Nipple Pink, Harvest Brown, and Olive green


Olive green: Zombie Ogre's flesh, Skeletal champion's cloak, Mummy Lich's scarab details, 


Pure Black: Skeletal Champion's armor, Ghost King's robe, Whispering Tyran'ts robe, Vampire's coat, tombstone on bats, succubus hair


Harvest Brown: Mummy Lich's rags, Zombie Ogre's straps, belt, boots, and armor, Rust monster base coat, Vampire's armor detailing, Succubus' armor and boots, Skeletal Champion's base


White: Any bone-part of a mini (skulls, ribs, etc), vampire's detailing, and shading on spiders (each with a different pattern to separate them on the game board), mummy lich's flesh,


Drow Nipple Pink: inside of the Succubus' wings





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And more work, we're getting close to finished now


Using Shadowed Steel and New Gold, I painted in the metallic bits on the various ones that have weapons or armor


I used Rosy Skin and Fair skin on the Vampire and Succubus


Now i get to the drybrushing, which is the 2nd to last step for my speed paint batches


Using Fair Skin, I drybrushed the ghasts, Mummy-lich, bats, and Whispering Tyrant


Using off-white, I drybrushed everyone else


Now, the only step left is to add small details (like faces, spider eyes, small parts i missed) and perhaps a bit of lining on those that need it


but some, like the mummy-lich, mummies, ghasts, and bats, are pretty much entirely done









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Honestly, these are 100x better than those crappy pre-painted plastics people buy for D&D gaming miniatures. You've done very simple things to them, but they are much more realistic and in line with the monstrous manuals/bestiaries out there.

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So here's the final small details i did:

1. Added eyes to spiders (and made the back marking on one a skull)

2. Added blue, green, and red to mummy lich

3. Lined all the minis, added shadows beneath them

4. Finished fly demon by adding some metallic blue and green for a bluebottle look, added eyes

5. Added faces to thsoe that needed them

6. Added hints of red to weapons, the vampire's goblet, and the zombie ogre's wounds

7. Added red to the rust monsters and painted the hat red

8. Gave the ghasts different loinclothes so they could be told apart on the game board

9. Added a pale yellow to Mr. Bone's lantern and a few accents on some of the other minis 


here are the links:






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