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Rob Dean

Identify this vintage giant/ogre?

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I've posted this before without any luck, but the recent demonstrations of miniature identification prowess give me some hope.






What I know about this figure: he was one of two in a package, and I think the other was different. My brother bought them in a hobby shop in Massachusetts on a family vacation around 1976/7. The other one has gone missing, so we can't check for bottom markings. I painted and based this guy up in the early 90s, and I'm not so desperate yet as to break him off the base to see if there are any base markings.


He looks a little like this Heritage mountain troll, but isn't:




You'd think the limited number of manufacturers at the time would make this easy...

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Necro'ing this thread:


I'm afraid that the collective was unable to identify this figure...


However, in the fullness of time, it came to pass that a copy was offered on eBay, and I was able to win it. The seller had identified it as the similar Heritage 1314, which I have suspected is not the case. It arrived today.




And, as you can see, it's basically untouched, so I flipped it up to find:




It has previously been noted that the "Circle A" logo belongs to Adina. Since the Adina information on the Lost Minis Wiki is incomplete, I don't have a catalog number, but at least the manufacturer mystery is solved. Two and a half months isn't a new speed record, though...::D: I'm a little off on my memory of the timing of the purchase, assuming that the 1978 copyright date is correct, but it's still not too bad for almost forty years.

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Can this info be added to the Lost Minis Wiki?

Should be...the issue will be that they need to create an "unknown Adina" section, since this isn't the only figure I have that doesn't match any of the empty descriptions there. There are a lot of gaps in the catalog numbers; I'm guessing they must have not done much advertising in the magazines, even, and I need to go look at the reviews in early Dragons again.

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I'm amazed that the surface is so nice given the age. I would've expected lead rot if you'd told me it was an unprimed model from that era without any pictures!

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I'm amazed that the surface is so nice given the age. I would've expected lead rot if you'd told me it was an unprimed model from that era without any pictures!

As long as it is kept away from acidic environments or those which give off acids and acidic gasses, such as wooden drawers or wood pulp cardboard, lead can last pretty well.

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