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Gadgetman is messing about with paints

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So I have all these plastic spoons with black primer on them... 

I also have a bottle of Palomino Gold, and a whole set of MSP Bones paints... And an airbrush...


That's a dangerous combination...




The spons are(numbered from the left)

1. Dragon Gold directly on Black Primer.

2. Dragon Gold on a base of Palomino Yellow

3. 'Just' the Palomino Yellow base colour. PRetty nice, really.

4. MSP Bones Canary Yellow on Vallejo Grey Primer.

5. Canary Yellow on Palomino Gold.

6. Canary Yellow on Black Primer.

7... Yeah, there was this KS by Anarchy Models a while back...  More Palomino Gold... 


I should probably have done a few White/bray Primer + Palomino Gold, and one Canary Yellow and a Dragon Gold version of that, too.

Note that the layers are extremely thing when airbrushing, so if the colour have a high transparency, like these two, the colour underneath will always influence the top layer. 


Now, after spraying those spoons with Palomino Gold, I still had a bit left in the cup...post-14703-0-26209600-1467474392_thumb.jpg


That's a few random parts for Tehnolog walkers, now sprayed with Palomino Gold. 

The plastic tube at the top of the picture is a 'flip-cap' test tube, and really good for mixing small quantities of paint 

And if you look on The Bay of E, they're dirt cheap.



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Any particular colour?

I don't think I have any colours with the word Rust in the name.


From Reaper paints possibly Carnage red?


I'm used to using artists paints and they straight up tell you what the pigment is. In this case "synthetic red iron oxide, PR 101". For some reason this is considered proprietary information in the hobby paint business.

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Any particular colour?

I don't think I have any colours with the word Rust in the name.


Vallejo has a set of special effect paints.. There is Rust and dry rust in there as well as a chipping medium, and some other useful stuff like vomit , Verdigris and such.

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I received the Carnage Red recently, and that sounds like a good enough reason to try it out...

I also have a bottle of Vallejo Red Primer I want to test out.

But I'm out of spoons, so I have to wait until tomorrow, anyway.

(I also want to fix myself a better spray booth as I'm just using a big cardboard bot right now)

Actually, I want to spray up a set of spoons with all the Vallejo primers, to keep for later testing.

(Red, Blue, Leather Brown, Skeleton Bone, Plate Mail Armor, inaddition to the usual White, Grey and Black)

I should probably look for a better cleaning station, also, as the one I have now is a 1l plastic tub wih a small hole in the lid, and a piece of foam(from a Dark Sword Mini blister pack) with a corresponding narrow hole, glued to the inside of the lid.

(I stick the airbrush through the hole in the lid and foam, hoping that it seals enough to let air escape, but not the paint or cleaning agent)


Right now I'm preparing to practice painting eyes.

I'm thinking Pearl White, Linen White, and yeah, Cats-eye Green for different eyes...

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Had some time after putting together my new chair, so I did a bit of airbrushing.

Did about a dozen of each primer colour, then used Carnage Red as a base on a couple of those, and finally a layer of Dragon Gold on some of those and a few of the others...


I can't see any real difference between DG on top of CR/Red Primer, and just DG on Red Primer. 

I tried DG on Leather Brown primer, also... and yeah. I think I like the result.

Pictures tomorrow... or whenever. 


Also, Carnage Red was a pain to airbrush. It needs a lot of thinning to avoid clogging. 


The Skeleton Bone primer is interesting. I must check if I have any skeletons in my pile...

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I was guessing Carnage Red based on what the Power Palette told me. There are many red pigments around with highly variable properties, so its not surprising one of them would be hard to spray. At least you've discovered something to put on your "do not spray" list.

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I don't know if I'm going to mark it as 'do not spray', but...

Worst case; I also have a cheaper airbrush with a 0.9mm nozzle... 




I didn't bother to show the White Primed spoon, but there's the rest of them, with Grey at the left, and Black at the right.

The Bone primer(number 2 from the left) is actually a pretty nice colour.


The Plate Mail Armor Primer... It's very nearly there for 'full plate' minis. Just a thin layer of another metallic and you're to 'Tabletop' or nearly so. 



The leftmost spoon is Red Primer/Carnage Red.

Then there's Dragon Gold on Red Primer, Dragon Gold on top of Carnage Red, on Red Primer, and finally, Dragon Gold on Leather Brown Primer.

Carnage Red is a darker Red so I shouldn't be surprised that it darkened the Gold that much, but... yeah... 


The LBP is actually pretty good for the Gold/Brass paints. 


Quick note; I only spray the back of the spoons. The front is for writing in details about paints.


Also, if I was doing this just to test how certain paints looked, and build up a library of samples, I would have used teaspoons. (Takes a lot less space... )


Checked my stock of minis, and I only have ONE skeletal warrior, so there's no use trying to spray it up. 

(I also have Death on a Motorcycle, but there's not all that much bare skeleton on that)


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So, I was priming a DSM mini tonight, and didn't want to dril lholes for pins in certain parts just so that I could hold them... 




That clamp is SKU 60929 from Micro Mark.

I just filed the jaws a bit so that they had a proper bite, then gave the pivot pin a bit of love with a vise as the clamp is a bit too loose originally.


I think I may order another 5pack or two of these.

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Another day, another mess...


And a bit of painting...


I thought I had a Skeletal Warrior...

I was wrong...

It was a 02015 Skeleton Swordsman and there were 3 of them...


So, I grabbed a pot of Vallejo Skeleton Bone primer and a brush, and went at them.

Then I did their swords and Shields with Vallejo Plate Mail Metal primer.

Actually, that one isn't all that different from the bare pewter, so it's a bit difficult to see the difference....



Now, if I was a tabletopper, I could just give them a coat of varnish and call them done...


Actually, I WILL do that to one of them.

(+1 on finished minis!)


So, one done to a crude tabletop standard...

Shall we see if we can't improve on that just a little bit...


Lets take a bottle of Reaper MSP Bones 09405 Sunrise Orange, and a bottle of MSP 09144 Creamy Ivory.



Now Skeleton #2 has a much improved head. I can probably still do it better, though...

(Also the rest of him needs a bit of polish, too, before calling him finished.)


Back to painting.

(Just taking a break to make more tea, to find a new set of AAs for my camera, and to order more skeletons)

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Out of Tea ERROR.

Refill and try again...


The skeleton with the orange eyes now also have a thin wash of Bone Shadow.



Looks a bit better...


The third Skeleton has now had the eyesockets painted with the same Bone Shadow, just not that diluted.

And then I added a bit of metallic paint.


The Sword got a thin coat of 'Ancient Bronze' because this is an old skeleton... from before steel weaponry. Or possibly he lost the fight against someone with a steel sword?


The shield...


That is about an even mix of Ancient Bronce and Scorched Metal. I have no idea if there's a similar metallic in the MSP range, but yeah, I like it.

I haven't taken too much care to get perfect coat, just to cover everything. The back was a bit of pain.

(His elbow sticks out so you get a small triangular area. )


I should probably do something with his bones, too, and finish up his eyes...

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On the third skeleton I decided to use MSP Bones 09423 Styx Purple on the eyesockets.

That seemed to work, so feeling bold, I grabbed the bottle of Army Painter Purple Tone, and... kind of used it as a wash.



Not my brightest moment...


So I grabbed MSP 09143 Yellowed Bone, and drybrushed that over to reduce the purple a bit.


Next was a little drop of MSP Bones 09406 Sunrise Orange in the eyesockets.

Unfortunately, the drops didn't end up as I hoped, but... Still looks good.



Then I used MSP Bones 09428 Saddle Brown on the leather straps on the shields.



Then I grabbed MSP Bones 09437 Dragon Black, and used that on the swords, to finish those off.

In Skeleton 2, I left the little square on the grip without paint.

Finally I used Tamiya X25 Clear Green to create a 'jewel' there.




Then I opened the window, grabbed my brushes and hurried to the bathroom to clean them out while the stink aired out.

And no, I did NOT use any of my good brushes for the Tamiya paint.


Except for touching up a few small spots that have been rubbed off, doing something with the bases, and varnishing, they can be considered done.

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I believe in better safe than sorry.


I can afford good brushes, but I really, really hate waiting for days to get new ones.

(If I have to order From Jacksons or Rosemary & Co, it can take a week or more for them to arrive)


The Tamiya stuff does eem to make for nice jewels, though.


Maybe I'll try the blue stuff in the eyesockets of one skeleton later.

Possibly with a dot of white or something at the bottom.

(With all the skeletons I have ordered, I will be able to try quite a few ideas)


I also primed a few minis in-between painting the skeletons(alltogether, I've primed 15 minis in addition to the skeletons yesterday and today)

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