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Velicia Torynn WIP (Lady Faelwen Nightsinger)


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This figure is Lady Faelwen Nightsinger, sculpted by Patrick Keith (of Bombshell Miniatures) for the 2015 Adepticon. I picked her up on the second hand market (evilbay) so that I could paint her up. I knew when I saw her that I HAD to have her in my collection.


I'm painting her up as my D&D 5E Cleric of Light named Velicia Torynn. She follows the Twin Suns (dual god/goddess) in my DM's own world. So I am doing some freehand for her and I have a portrait that I'm using as inspiration.





Inspiration picture






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**** puts the kettle on***



ooohhh Coffee  and Painting exposition....   sits down and joins xherman for the show!

Love coffee and painting! Hope you guys will enjoy the show.  ::D:


Guh...I'm...in love with your inspiration!  I know it can never be but...  Never mind.  If you can get her skin and hair to look like your inspiration, please let me know how.  I've never been pleased with my own recipes for flaxen hair. 

She's a great pic, took me a few days of interwebs searches to find the one that would become my muse.


Will do! I'm usually pretty good with skin tones and hair, so I'll make sure to document what I do for hers.

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Good to see that you're going to tackle some more ambitious freehand!  I'll have to remember to try and keep up with this thread.  ^_^



Well, I did take a freehand class at the LVO this weekend, figured now was the time to try out what I learned hehe.

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Some work done on her here the last hour or so.


My best eyes to date, I got the DKS method down on her! Very happy. I'll touch up the bottom of the left eye a tad bit to give it some white underneath and then clean that up with some more brown.


The brown on her face for shadows and going around her eyes is Reaper MSP Intense Brown with a tad bit of Reaper Clear Green added to it. In the inspiration picture there's some green in her eyeshadow and skin tones naturally have some green in them.




The 8-pointed star freehand on back got some work on it too. I used some SC75 paints - Iroko, Sahara Yellow, and Tenere Yellow. 



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Here's a few more layers of paint on the face.


First off, I started with a layer of fair shadow with a tiny drop of clear green and a tiny drop of matte medium (and a wet brush) in it. This helped me with some hints of greens in the shadows. Next (pictured) is a mix of Rosy Skin and Fair Shadow with a drop of matte medium (and a wet brush). This will be my mid-tone.


Next up on the agenda is a mix of Fair Skin Highlight, tiny drop of Rosy Skin Highlight, matte medium, and a wet brush.



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It's 11pm here, I'm getting tired and need to get up in the morning, but I have taken a couple more final pics for the evening.


Kept working on the face here, the green tint to the eyeshadow is a very watered down glaze of Reaper's Clear Green, the rosy red of her cheeks is a very thinned down glaze of Reaper's Clear Red. I actually went back over it with the other colors as the red is very prominent even as a glaze, but it ended up being kind of an undercoat at that point and came out looking pretty good. I used the same red on her lips and then touched a dot of pure white to her bottom lip to give it some shine.


The eyebrows are from the intense brown/clear green mixture I made earlier on my wet pallet. I see from the inspiration picture that she has light eyebrows, but they are there not so flaxen as to be nonexistent. 


Front on view.




Side view, but also a view of the extra skin work I did on her chest as well, using the same colors on my palette. 


I see the skin is a tad bit rough looking, but I'll fix that by doing the reaper brush-on sealer trick to smooth it all out very nicely tomorrow after the paint has had some time to dry.



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Looks awesome!

Great eyes and face!

Got to love those Scale 75 paints!

Thanks! Yeah, I like SC75.


This is coming along great Ub3r.  Those eyes are well done, congrats.  Looking forward to see this come along.

Thank you! I figured that she needed a lot of personality as the rest of the sculpt is pretty simple with just the dress and staff really being the only other elements to it. 

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