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I went ahead and grabbed an early bird complete game slot. This looks really cool, but I wish it included some terrain. By the early looks of the game, this seems to rely heavily on terrain (similar to Mordheim). Good thing it's a long campaign, so a lot can change with stretch goals (fingers crossed).

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I just watched a pair of gameplay videos at Guerrilla Miniature Gaming and Gaming with the Cooler.  Looks highly entertaining.  I may have to break my no new KSs plede for this year.  I am working now after all.

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I couldn't resist backing after watching the battle at lava castle video. It looks like a fun, quick, simple game, and I really like the visual style for the cards and minis.


In fact, I was so enamored of the game that I went to his web store and bought the rulebook and wave one deck pdfs for $4 each. They are really nice, I'm glad I did. I was even tempted to buy all the minis, he has a package deal for the minis and pdfs, but I'd rather leave the pledge and help support the ks. I can always proxy them in the meantime to try the game out. Hopefully some stretch goals open up to make it even more worthwhile.


I would recommend anyone interested check out his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm3Rgu5Kjo7ydJWcxH4PnzQ

He has a series of videos on the creation of the first stretch goal, the Thief. He starts with her concept art, then goes through the zbrush mini creation. I found it fascinating, it reminds me of Oathsworn and their tutorial updates.


The only thing that concerns me is the fact that thus far, the game basically consists of one scenario, two teams chase a relic and fight to the death after reaching it. The relic found is random, and has some very different abilities which will cause some variations, but I think it could definitely use some alternate scenarios.

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It does look like a fun game. I'm on the fence right now between the full two-player game or just the rulebook and cards (I can always use Bones minis). It will probably boil down to my perceived value at the end of the campaign once it has run its course with stretch goals.

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Played my first games on the dining room table with no terrain but a bottle of bourbon and some shot glasses. The game is so much fun.

I bet.

Most things are fun if they involve emptying a bottle of bourbon. :;):

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6 Relic Stretch Goal Unlocked! Posted by Sean Sutter




I feel amazingly blessed that I get to write this update. Not only did my dream game fund, but we broke into the first stretch goal!! I doubt it's sound business to give stuff away for free, but this is a PARTY not a store!!


Now that we busted that goal everyone that pledges $25 or more will get this rad miniature as a gift from me. Happy Relicblade-Day everyone. Unlocking the first Stretch Goal also means one more thing. We pushed the fog back a bit and we get to peek into the future a little more. 




$22k is a lot of money! Making a bad-elf 40mm Ogre will cost a lot of money. I want to make it, so let's see what we can do, eh? Dreaming got us this far, so I say, "Let's dream!"

On a side note the Spanish, French, and German translations for Relicblade are coming in hot! I should be able to get PDFs set up without too much of an issue, and I expect to make those versions available through DriveThru RPG or something. Those details need to get ironed out, but my international audience is really important to me! So stay tuned.

Thanks guys! Writing this update makes me very, very happy...

Sean Sutter

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The Thief has been unlocked, and will be included with all Bold Adventurer and up pledges. It's a nice looking mini, and I'm glad that each mini addition adds a new gaming element.


Update #7


Greetings friends,

It's been a few days now since we pushed past the $17k mark. This is a really exciting stretch goal! We have broken into new content for Relicblade by adding a new hero character to the roster. Yesterday I received the metal cast of the Thief and quickly painted her up. I'm not terribly good at painting or photographing miniatures. Nevertheless, I'm proud to introduce you to the Thief.

Thief Hero Character

2691f3766f751e62066337c66d50c008_originaThief rules are in beta testing

Now that the Thief stretch goal is unlocked, everyone who pledges for the "Bold Adventurer" ($99) and above will receive this miniature for FREE! (Early Bird backers get the bonus figures too) This new hero creates a whole new play style within Relicblade. The Thief may only have one attack per activation, but using Back Stab and other menacing tactics she will be able manufacture a devastating single strike. With five Action Dice and a pile of exciting new upgrades, this character is a welcome addition to any adventuring party.

fd2102a1e151224d191e9751feedc0ab_originaA diving back stab is sure to ruin a pigs day.

The rules for this new character are currently in beta testing, so the card shown may still change as we work out the kinks. In the YouTube series that has followed the creation of this character from the first scratch of pencil to today is still going strong. Sculpting is obviously complete, but a Relicblade character is more than a figure. This week I did the ink drawing, and tomorrow a new episode about laying out the card will be available to watch. So make sure you enjoy that creative content if you're interested.

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