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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)

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It's not time yet to have a new thread open but as we are closing our KS-2, we are slowly preparing ourselves for the reveals of our KS-3. Armies for both fantasy and sci-fi this time, cofunded,

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Got my box of goodies today


lots of sprues, and a smattering of resins


The plastic all looks good and should let you build a decent variety of stuff although as with any multi kit you may find you're running out of your favourite weapons (ie you can't build all 10 with swords or axes or flails, you've got to use a combination) and it's going to make some sad that the spear and trident sculpted for consideration didn't make it onto the final sprue (although I can see that both of them would have taken up more space than other options and so the dual kit with the rangers, and the extra head options probably meant they weren't viable) 


The battle yak is fantastic too who doesn't need an large pack animal from the snowy wastes (who is carrying the spears I was missing above too)





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They shipped with DHL who are responsible for sending out the tracking info to us too


and I know despite my stuff arriving I haven't had any. yet..... So you may end up with yours before the tracking shows up


(not sure if there's a DHL app/website you can sign up to  that might work better than waiting for an email, but I know I always get my CMON shipping info via my DPD account long before the official tracking info shows up)

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DHL delivered today without any advance notice, no tracking.


Resin miniatures are great, fit together really nicely.


Plastic maidens: choices concerning weapons are a bit limited, but they have nice detail and fit together well; necks seem to be a bit long, but that's what sharp knives are for.


plastic orcs: really nice miniatures, though I found fitting the arms to the body without gaps is sometimes rather difficult.

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Happy days! My order just arrived! It looks like I got everything but I will double check on the resin goodies.

I got 7 boxes of shield maiden. This broke down to 21 command sprues (7x3) and 14 trooper spures (7x2) plus one extra from stretch goal so 15 total. or 36 total sprues.


My ice bears did not have any broken claws. Icecrusher looks bigger but not much bigger. Bases provided are wood.


Battle Yak looks very nice. Wish I had ordered a second... I do wish they had spears but other than that they are great. Cant wait for next KS... !!!

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I got mine this afternoon, too. Very nice looking figures!


I went kinda small on this one due to money issues, but I'll probably go a little bigger on their next one (depending on what it is, of course).

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1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

I got mine this afternoon, too. Very nice looking figures!


I went kinda small on this one due to money issues, but I'll probably go a little bigger on their next one (depending on what it is, of course).



Yeah. I really wanted a mammoth, especially the battle born.... but just couldn't swing it. I hope There is something as cool in the next one.

The Ice bears are really big and nice. I want another unit of three. But I am waiting on the bases from Bones 3 before assembly. One of My Kira and Lavaraths will be added to this army (with some modification of Kira) and maybe some other stuff...

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