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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)

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It's not time yet to have a new thread open but as we are closing our KS-2, we are slowly preparing ourselves for the reveals of our KS-3. Armies for both fantasy and sci-fi this time, cofunded,

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I got mine yesterday. I am pretty happy with them.


I put one together this morning just to see how well they assembled. I remember someone commenting on the length of the necks, they are definitely a bit too long to use 'as is'. I think they are supposed to fit deeper into the socket, but it didn't fit for the first one I built. Still, they are very easy to trim with a knife, I just shortened the neck and it looks good now. I did run into a problem with one of the cloaks on the sprue. I was cutting one out, and a piece snapped off the one beside it. It seemed odd that it should snap off, so I looked closer and it seems to be some sort of casting flaw. I saw the same line in the same place on other sprues, as well as other lines in other places. It's pretty clear in the pics, the first is the sprue I cut, the second is another sprue with a shiny line mirroring the snap line of the first. It looks like it shouldn't be too hard to glue back together, but I think it's likely to be a recurring problem. Even taking some care, the cloaks have very thick joins to the sprues that will take some force to cut. Worst case though, I have to glue some cloaks or put some together without cloaks, something I was planning to do anyway.




And here is the assembled mini. She is tilted back with her cloak resting on the ground, obviously she'd be standing straighter when based. She also still needs a quiver and shield, but she's already looking good:


I probably should have left the cloak off until it was painted, but I don't know if I could assemble the arms and head properly without the back piece in place, and I wouldn't want to try and paint the arms or head before assembling. I might try painting the torso and cloak, then do assembly and finish painting for the limbs. At least with so many minis, I have plenty to experiment with.


Overall I'm happy I backed this, I got a lot of nice looking minis for a very good price. And the resin pieces look great.

I got mine yesterday. I am pretty happy with them.


Edited to fix what must have been a double post.

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double posted
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This happened to me too with the first maiden I assembled. I must have pushed too hard as it just snapped. I was much more careful after and didn't repeat the issue. I think it gives her character, but don't want anymore snapped. 



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34 minutes ago, Shieldwolf Miniatures said:

@NomadZeke Has the parcel arrived yet?


@pcktlnt We expect DHL to update us this week. We will also be posting May and June updates as we certainly aren't done with this project. Kindly have some patience as multiple tasks have befallen (is that correct English?) on our heads in a very limited amount of time.



I have faith in y'all. :D

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Just a few photographs to see how they rank up on the 25mm bases reliably and how feasible it would be to try to squash them in close together on 20mm bases (it looks possible but it would involve some very careful positioning of arms & hair and some of the women might end up facing in odd directions).






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I did a little video on them as well but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to a video (that is my own content) in this thread or not. Just me talking about how I based them, why etc.


Eleven girls assembled now. One more for the full dozen.

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16 hours ago, NomadZeke said:

@Shieldwolf Miniatures
Nothing yet. I'm rather patiently waiting since I have a lot going on right now.


OK, I hear you. Kindly proceed to sending us a message on Kickstarer but please have some (more) patience before receiving a reply.

We are dealing with any issues to the best of our abilities.


Thank you.

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