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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)


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3 hours ago, petrov27 said:

So if we are in the USA and only had ordered one box of the plastic warriors via the Kickstarter should I already have it in hand? Just unsure if there is a problem with mine or if I am just in the last group to get them

If your parcel was included in the "major" wave that shipped on Arpil 18th, yes, it should long now been in your hands.

If your parcel was included however in the LC wave which is shipping as we speak, then it's either ready to ship or on its way.


For any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact us on Kickstarter via message ::):

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It's not time yet to have a new thread open but as we are closing our KS-2, we are slowly preparing ourselves for the reveals of our KS-3.

Armies for both fantasy and sci-fi this time, cofunded, highly affordable, great quality and unique. Nobody has ever managed to combine all these together. Troops will again be in plastic, if we are all lucky enough we can dream of doing both monsters and vehicles in that too, for the first stage however we keep our heads low and promote our resin instead.


Here's the teaser video for KS-3, more will be revealed as we get closer though.


Thank you.


EDIT: A new thread opened for KS-3. I'll try posting there from now on, answering ay questions you might have! ::):

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5 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

I'm still waiting for my package and they haven't responded. *sad platypus*


I don't know if you've read the most recent kickstarter update but could your parcel be one of these ones that are stuck in customs?



We are officially announcing today that the project has been completed. We are aware of a handful of minor issues for rewards outstanding, but the number is trivial and will be dealt with in the coming days. The handful of issues breaks down in

3 parcels from Brazil and Russia still held in customs despite our efforts to unblock them.

4 parcels (two from the UK, one from the USA and one from Germany) that have been returned to our hands for reasons still unknown (we'll be mailing these back naturally as soon as possible)

1 parcel held in Germany (Frankfurt) from a Canadian backer for over two months, again, despite our efforts it's still being held for "inspection reasons" according to DHL.

Other than the above which we will resolve to the best of our abilities, all other rewards have reached -or are on their way to reach- all of you. 


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All parcels have been mailed. For any backer that may have enquiries in regards to his/her rewards, please contact us on Kickstarter.


I'm kindly asking for a moderator to close the thread now as we will be posting from now on on the KS-3 thread "Warmaidens & Dragonbreds". The new project launches this September, exact date TBC.


Thank you!

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