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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)

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About this project


This is a miniatures-only project and has been created in order to co-fund the tooling of Shieldmaiden troop miniatures in hard plastic (HIPS) as well as other miniatures of this army in resin. This project will feature shieldmaiden infantry kits (shieldmaidens, rangers, warmaidens etc), Ice Warbears and Yetis (with their riders) and a lot more planned for this unique worldwide fantasy army. These miniatures are fitting for both skirmish and army gamers & collectors!

d29b20e0bc4f22527cadb82678f7309d_origina(This is an example of a fully built shieldmaiden miniature)

428b7259a107141c6c63e90c61d78ce5_origina(This is how a Shieldmaiden miniature can be assembled!)






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It's not time yet to have a new thread open but as we are closing our KS-2, we are slowly preparing ourselves for the reveals of our KS-3. Armies for both fantasy and sci-fi this time, cofunded,

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Well, I tried to throw money their way again.


Tbh, I don't really have much faith in the campaign, though. Odds are everyone who's really interested knew about it from the start, so chances are they'll be hitting the slump stage by day 3. I doubt offering 'new' first campaign items as add-ons is going to be quite as effective at getting the needle moving again as Shieldwolf hope. Then what? Rage quit again?

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We have said that cancellation of this campaign @Arkady is not an option.

We appreciate the faith (again) and we will honor it.  ::):


As for what will get the needle moving, well, bears aren't a KS-1 item for example (hope you like our take on them) plus we still have things you probably don't expect to see.

Also, we have no expectations this time other than funding. Then let it go as far as it goes, even f it means... $30,001!

We'll take it and play ball all the same. Alea iacta est, right?  ^_^

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