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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)


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Yikes... $15 for one of those war-bears?! That is insane value right there.

Well, you as a fellow manufacturer know that ever too well.

As for the backers -or simply followers- please don't expect anything like this when they hit retail, these are ultra-discounted prices for KS's sake, we are after all only interested in producing miniatures in KS-2.5... ^_^



Yikes... $15 for one of those war-bears?! That is insane value right there.

It was similar on their first KS for the Mammooth and Twin Headed Dragon, insane value i wish i brought 2 Mammooths now!

It's a trend we are currently following although we are not sure whether we are too keen in allowing these to be available & discounted via KS every time.

Siberias Lions for example will be available here at KS-2.5 as promised,but it is a very delicate balance we must maintain between our retail and our KS supporters, both of which are actively helping the company grow ever more... :B):

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Those bears are awesome!  I'll definitely have to add at least one.

Definitely! My Shieldmaiden army won't stay bearless (nor Yakless)! :blush:


Most confess that I wonder if this campaign wouldn't have been even more succesful if there would have been more sculpted or rendered Shieldmaiden minis available to showcase.

Sometimes it's hard to envisage how these Shieldmaiden armies are going to look like once they are desiged, cast, painted and put in some appropriate scenery.

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They have unlocked not one but two stretch goals as well revealing the next stretch goal and releasing wave 1 add-ons


The Ice Bear is now available to add-on to your pledges for $15


Shieldmaiden Lord is added for free to pledge levels of $100+.


The next stretch goal is for "non-wavy" hairstyle alternative heads.


The Two-Headed Dragon, Orc Wyvern, Great Wolves, Ice Wolves and Orc Great Boars have been added to the add-on section












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