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Shieldwolf Miniatures War 2.5 (relaunch)


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Today must be "Disappointing day" or something like that I guess!  ^_^

I'm afraid that's not planned either. Think of our scheduled stretch-goals in something more... sexy!  :;):

Why disappointing? It's weekend, pledged normally slow down quite a bit then.


But I won't get angry if you'd show us some more bears or yaks!  :upside:

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Hmm. You reshuffled to have a rider before having variant bears? Good call. That ought to entie more people into adding on than bears with saddles but no suitable riders.

Agreed, I was actually looking forward to have at least 1 mounted bear for my maiden army! And here she is!  ^_^


The Battleborn is also very nice and impressively looking but a bit out of my league.

If there is one thing I miss in this kickstarter it's regular cavalry. All these mounted units are so very big (and thus expensive)!

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