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Painted back in January, for table top use.

Unfortunately I need new lights and my camera is MIA so crappy pictures with the desk lamp and phone it is....../grumbles

CC always welcome and yes the "Boss" rat is the one with the skull. 1st level adventurers beware!






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The Rats look good!


But why did you use those colours on the edges of the bases?

It is something you need for the game?


Otherwise it is a bit distracting from the minis.

If not necessary I would just make that grey or brown or something that matches the gaming table.



The colors on the bases are not needed but make it much easier to identify a specific model while gaming.


Personally I agree it's distracting but my gaming group, well ...."we ain't getting any younger" so the little tokens we used with numbers are hard to read now.

They like the colors and I am but their humble painting servant.   <_<


"I back-stab the blue rat"

"The red rat attacks the babarian and tries to bite his ear off"



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