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Safari Ltd Giant Octopus *edited

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I like how you convert a simple toy into a more realistic miniature.


Well done, and now I have to pick up some tubes...

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Splendid!  What is kine-- Ah, what am I thinking?  This is the INTERNET!  I have GOOGLE!


(... GoogleGoogleGoogle... )


Huh.  Fascinating stuff!


Out of curiosity, how large is the "miniature"?  (Or, how large is the base?)

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It counts as painted and looks good.


How is that kinetic sand holding up?


It is doing great but I soaked it with thin super glue so it's hard as a rock.


I wanted to experiment with it since I tend to make a really big mess no natter how careful I am with real sand.

In that respect it is wonderful!


I'm hoping it may also be useful for building/sculpting vertical aspects of bases but I have not had time to explore that.

It's pricey compared to regular sand but I'm starting to see it on sale/clearance quite a bit.


It is very fun to play with and when you bump the container it doesn't spill out.   ::D:

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    • By Rigel
      From the depths of SPACE, they came!

      A menace unlike any the Solar System had yet seen! Their weapons--inexorable! Their strange mental powers--UNCANNY! 

      Bombshell's Counterblast line has a faction called the Edofleini. Can't prove anything, but I feel strongly that the designer had read David Wiesner's "June 29, 1999" at a formative age. The Edo are giant-brained cephalopods with zap guns and psionic powers, and if that doesn't tickle your fancy, perhaps a Space Squid has used an Emotive Transductor to suck all the JOY and WONDER from your heart? (They can do that, you know!)

      I couldn't resist, anyway. Tried to give them a color scheme inspired by this coconut octopus. 

      Here's the four-eyed leader of the bunch, in its magnificent robe of office.

      The gold-armored subordinate with Neural Halberd:

      A vicious enforcer, tentacles flailing:

      A four-eyed underling:

      And a runtish Spawnling:

      And here's a group shot!

      Keep watching the skies! Guard your brains! ARE YOUR THOUGHTS YOUR OWN, CITIZEN?

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      Update: a very sizeable BRAIN SQUID, also Bombshell. "Destroys Nulls" is here to eat softshell hypercrabs and subjugate inferior intellects, and buddy, it's all out of hypercrabs. 

    • By Rigel
      Wish I'd taken more in-progress pics here, but when the muse strikes...

      Anyway, I got my hands on some figures from Bombshell's Counterblast, specifically the Edofleini faction. Could be described as BRAIN SQUIDS FROM SPAAAAAAACE!! (I assume you read that with the reverb turned up.)
      Decided to use the color scheme from this lovely shot of a coconut octopus:

      These were the paints used for the bodies; AP Toxic Mist plus some turquoisish Reaper sample paint was used for the suckers, and AP Greedy Gold for the jewelry and weaponry. Also used AP Kraken Skin for the leader's mini-cape. Seemed appropriate.

      Blue-black tentacles, eventually shading up to the rusty Astorath Red.

      A touch of color for the accessories and suckers: 

      Then a great amount of drybrushing in shades of orange and yellow. I wanted the siphons to be the brightest points. 

      I feel like they are close to done--should I add another coat of red wash, or use something darker? 
    • By TheOldGuard
      Eeeek, look what the tide just dragged in!!






      Thanks for looking!
    • By MojoBob
      This ill-mannered octopus is a model I found on Thingiverse and printed on my el-cheapo Ender 3 FDM 3d printer. It's printed in PLA at 0.08mm layer height; from memory it took about three hours.
      Next to it is Sergeant Measureby, for scale. Each of the divisions on his spear is 5mm. He's a very old Essex mediaeval wargaming figure from the mid '80s.
    • By SparrowMarie
      I painted this around 9 months to a year ago and am just now getting up the courage to start posting some of my minis. This one I'm pretty proud of. My photography skills on the other hand could use some work.




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