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Attention Twin Cities Cav Players

Crusoe the Painter

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Okay, it seems the Source is still booked full, and people can get are off days, or those filled by groups who have people who actually show up. Also, even when there, you have to deal with CCG/MK/Heroclix players, and other beasties. Doing pick-up games at the Source can be very hit-and-miss as well. You might walk in, and it's a 5-rings tourney that night... :/


And playing at Recon isn't good enough, it's only once every 3 months! I need a reason to get my CAV out, and let them bash heads.


I'm also intrested in giving Warmachine and other non-mainstream game players a place to show up and play as well. My Cygnar force is all lonely and opponentless.


"What about Phoenix games?"


It's far far away from here. I live within 4 blocks of the Source, and parking on Lake St, where Phoenix is at, can be a nightmare.




My Apt complex has several very large community rooms. The rental fee is just $50. If everyone throws in a few bucks, and brings a snack, we'll have wargamer heaven!


So, is anyone intrested in bi-weekly game nights? My plan in doing this is to get people out and playing more non-mainstream games. Not just CAV, but Warmachine, Confrontation, etc.


The best times for me would be over the weekend of course, or Friday afternoon. I can ask up front as to how late the rooms can stay open, and what cleanup requirements are.


If you are intrested, please email me at daniel*a*joyceATworldnet*att*net


* = . of course


Let me know what times/days would work best for you, so I can pick days good for everyone!

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