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    • By Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Space Riders "The Space Goblins!"

      This is the 4th chapter in the Space Raiders range. Bringing miniatures with the classic late 80's and early 90's oldschool look and cast in metal (except for those especified).

      This time focusing on the Space Goblins and the Mind Controllers.

      They will the perfect reinforcements for your classic armies or maybe you'll start right from here!

      You can see more pics of all of them at my Facebook group,

      Space Raiders:https://www.facebook.com/groups/775315502580794/

      The new Goblins and orc arms are sculpted by the goblin master himself KEVIN ADAMS, while the Mind controller is no other than Bob Olley! Two true oldhammer legends!

    • By Lidless Eye
      Up on the place recently were a few of those dungeon-dwelling jerks, Goblins!

      Rebel Minis finally won me over with their Anniversary Goblin Jester mini:

      The rest of the Rebel crew:







      They're also joined by a handful of Goblins from Bones 4:




    • By Rigel
      A good friend gave me this out-of-production Tomb King for my birthday last month; it is a fabulously detailed sculpt, with vulture motifs and fancy collars and greaves. My Google-fu is weak, so I don't know its exact designation beyond "Tomb King on foot," but you might know better! 

      I decided to give him a monogrammed cartouche on his tattered robe; I had looked up Neferkasokar for a Call of Cthulhu game previously. 

      I wasn't sure what to make of the tattered stitched-together sheets on his kilt and shield, so I decided they would be papyri with apotropaic ensorcellments and spells. 

      And while I was on the subject, I gave a touch-up to some of the other mummies and ushabtis I'd previously painted.

    • By Gadgetman!
      EOE Orbis Presents a Harlequin Miniatures Production     
      A snippet from The History Of Ozwack Dwarfkiller  Please help us Launch our 4th Kickstarter - Perfect Goblins by Masters in the craft of Figure Design: Kev Adams and Kev White. The detail and animation in these miniatures are truly astounding.
      Goblins II is a wide selection of beautifully sculpted very characterful Fantasy Characters. Suitable for Role-Players, Painters, Collectors, and anyone that enjoys classic Miniatures. Miniatures are cast in fine pewter and supplied unpainted. They are being remoulded to cast in lead-free pewter by the skillful (ish) hands of John Olsen and his crew of slightly abused staff.
      Curly's Goblin Skirmishers Oh, What a Nightling! Lesser is More!  
    • By Bane Of Humanity
      The goblins.
      this is a single set containing a small warband of 9 goblins 5 armored two non armored and 1 warlock
      The plan for these is to make Ice goblins.  Going for a blue skin tone and frosted bases.
      All of the Armored goblins save for one require assembly.  I was pleasantly surprise how easy they came off the sprues.  Didnt need cutters.  Though you will need to scrape a bit off the tab points but all in all they go together very easily.

      This bad boy is one piece.  

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