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More things got moved in, and a few things added....


Added shelves to hold un painted stuff, and basing materials, as well as one to hold my Lego Star fighters....


Some dryer pipe to better vent my airbrush station, and i shortened my file cabinet tool box to fit under the computer table.

Will need to rebuild the second cabinet when I get the chance...


post-14271-0-79436500-1456022495_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-80188300-1456022496_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-74054500-1456022497_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-81189400-1456022498_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-83107400-1456022499_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-80164900-1456022500_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-73835500-1456022501_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-93297400-1456022502_thumb.jpgpost-14271-0-05889400-1456022504_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-17859200-1456022505_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-27552800-1456022506_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-12202900-1456022507_thumb.jpg


And yes, I do collect Star Wars Lego stuff....

Started playing with Lego back in the dark ages of 1967...

It comes from Denmark, and as I spent that summer in Sweden with my mom and Grandparents, they bought some for me...

I am constantly blown away by what they do with it now compared to what it was back then....



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Need to do a bit more cleanup then I can post pics of my current setup. Still not completely happy with it. I need another 6' shelf, more table space, add a drafting table, more lighting, more shelf areas for paints and additives and stuff I'm working on and tools, and just plain organize better.



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Okay, without much ado at all:


Here is the official painting station. Actually clear of much clutter and whatnot, though I'd like it a little less cluttered and with more light. You can see where the cats have messed up the blinds. :rolleyes:


This is also where my in-progress minis are. If you squint hard and look to the left of the paint rack (which is not all of my paints) you can spy a few of them... yes there is a hatchling dragon there. That belongs to my oldest son.


Also present is my Ottlight and the stand for my Dremel stylus. Old glass babyfood jars are my go-to for holding my smaller tools.





Next is my shelf.


Yes, white Christmas lights. Look at my Avatar... I'm a Christmas Elf after all ^_^


Very top: Egyptian statuary, a reed diffuser, and my Secret Sophie Druid :wub:


First shelf: Homemade dice bag that holds my Good Dice. I don't let other people use these dice. These are for my use alone. Inside are other bags where dice are separated by color. Don't judge me. I have a second one that is grey, same size, but the dice are loose in that one. Those are the dice other people can use. Also on this shelf are my Black Stallion books (stop judging me!) and my Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave, dragon bookends, roses made of metal, my other son's hatchling dragon, and my Pokeball with Eevee.


Second shelf: Ninjini for Skylanders, a zebra monitor duster, various multicolored bottles, a pyramid, a painted egg, and my *BONK!* mini from Froggy :wub:


Third shelf: Basing material in the two drawer units, Dremel bits and bobs, Dullcote, and extra brushes and palettes.


Fourth shelf: Minis. Box sets and ones loose and free and gently stashed in containers. Wet palette, art books, and sculpting tools.


Bottom shelf: Blistered minis, Dremel tool, spare face masks (yes I practice safety), alcohol, and various books.


Yes, that IS a mermaid on the wall on the far left. Yes I drew her. It was for a work thing years and years ago when we were doing an "Employee Engagement" thing and were doing a Sea and Surf theme. She's not very good, but that she's managed to survive in that state for so long is a testament to her will to survive.





Aaaaaand finally the Book Corner:


Yes, the paperbacks are two deep. I told you I need more shelf space. On top of the shelf are two sketchbooks and my book on Egyptian Grammar I had out because Froggy was asking me questions.


5-Drawer storage thing is mostly full of basing material, but the first two drawers have more paint. And my labeler. 


Between the two are a Plano tacklebox full of mostly basing stuff, some tools, more minis, and a few sculpting items. Also a Reaper mini case that is mostly full, and the little bag in the very front is full of Secret Sophie Stuff. I'm not skimping on my partner, just late. :rolleyes:  :blush:


The box next to the bag has tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, hexwrenches...


Filing cabinet is full of random papers I need to go through and extra Christmas lights (stop... just stop judging me!!!)... on top is more minis, tools, and other needed painting stuff like nail polish remover, extra baby food jars, tools, wire for sculpting, slo-dri gel medium, and whatnot.


Up Top. Yes, that's Gambit. Pastel. Other side is another pastel of Dream from Sandman. These are some of my better pieces, but still not great. Both were copied... Gambit from a Marvel Masterpieces card and Dream from a comic.


Note: On top of the toolbox is my oldest son's broken duel disk. I may have a way to fix it by... sewing it. With wire. We'll see.  :unsure:





I need more space.  :upside:

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I recently went from a decent-sized family room to a Very Large Corner when we moved last year. Still a good sized area to work in, but I weep for all the lost (but ultimately unnecessary) bits of furniture that needed to be culled. Naturally, I still haven't completely unpacked even though it's been almost 10 months since we moved in. I'll try to remember to take a picture tonight.


And Aryanun - not just Ninjini, but Scarlet Ninjini. Good choice, one of my favorites.

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I really need to redo my painting set up.  The three main things is that I need a new drop cloth over the surface (I cover the table with a plastic backed fiber drop cloth so I can dab my paint right on the table when I get too much, also helps with spills), figure out how to keep the cats off (caltrops when not using it maybe?), and a better way to organize the space (which will probably involve some woodworking and time on the laser).

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