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I wasn't sure where to post this, since I didn't make these. This seemed the best place, though.


Found these at Joann a few weeks back. Took the pics, then got so busy with my latest convention I didn't get to posting until now.


These are those sorts of porcelain (or plaster or whatever they are) curios people put on their shelves. Many (not pictured) are not to scale for our uses, but the ones in the pics are pretty close, if you like the doughy, comical, fairy look of lawn gnome stuff.


The larger pieces are a bit pricey, though. The smaller bits are affordable and probably the better buy, as they are closest to scale. Not pictured are some trees, hedges, and a few other maybe useable bits.


I personally would not go this route, but I thought there might be a few people who might be interested.



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Fairy Garden stuff will be appearing in the various craft stores soon if it's not already out. 


You can get 40-50% coupons for Joann's, from their website.  They also take Michael's 40-50% coupons.


Plus, they usually start marking this seasonal kind of stuff down rather quickly...

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Basically what Malefactus said.


Plus, maybe some could be used for a gnome village.

For a better sense of scale, if you look to the thatched-hut, Tudor-ish house, a Reaper Dark Heaven Legends human on a base could stand comfortably in the doorway. So maybe too big for gnomes, if you're a scale purist. But for those not so worried about those things, sure.


On the 50% coupon side of things, my wife was offering to lend me hers at the time, but I was unsure what I could do with these. At 50% off, the bigger structures are actually probably worth it.


I'm not naming prices per forum guidelines, but at 50% off the windmill or the Tudor are a steal.

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Nice find!  I'll have to check them out.  I agree with folks that waiting for a sale or signing up for their coupons is a great way to go. Michael's and Hobby Lobby have roughly the same promotional system.


I've found that pre-painted ceramic buildings can be great for quickly assembling a collection fantasy terrain.  I've got an entire fantasy village made from porcelain christmas houses.  Most are nearly stock.  Most get a touch of drybrush and then I give them a coat of Minwax polyshades Tudor to dirty them up.  Finally I paint and flock or ballast over the snowed areas and matte varnish on all unflocked surfaces to cut the shine.  The end result is pretty convincing, IMHO.




A few have gotten minor mods such as a new door (as seen above) and some required massive surgery.

You can see them all here:



and here


The last one includes some heavily modified bridges.

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