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So, since I was procrastinating on making my base for Rasia I decided to start prepping some more figures to paint.     After see 72Moonglum paint up some old partha's I decided to work on another o

Tonight I decided to finish up the eyes on these guys.  Decided to keep the same eye color on them all, green.  I also gave the skin a lining wash.   Here is the RP Elf eyes all a green:   Next

Added a bit more highlighting to the shirt.  Then I mixed up the pants colors.  Basically took the base coat and gradually added in maggot white with 4 layers of highlight.  Then I shadowed in the pan

Posted Images

It's like taking a course in Elf Evolution 101, with the Elven equivelents of Neandrathal, Cro-Magnon, and modern day Elves. :)

While not my thoughts exactly, it was the general idea.  Though, the eyes got smaller as they got younger?


good choice of figures and love the beginning base coat, nice and light and elfy.

Thanks, your work inspired to finally break out the older two.  Yep, I thought lighter skin tone for these minis would nice.


Nice selection, the Chainmail one is very interesting looking.

Indeed,  that was one of the reasons I got it back in the day.  Well that and they were on sale at my LGS.  I have several Chainmail figures: Several centaurs, a drow, a couple more elves, and a Minotaur.  I had though back last year to make a WIP of all my minotaur mini's and call it "STAMPEDE"  Maybe someday.


This will be a great WIP! So many ways to go on these selections!

Thanks.  I'm thinking springtime colors.  Mostly because I wanted to try out my SC 75 greens.  Though I was thinking of giving them some crazy hair colors.


Cool minis all.

Indeed.  The RP has a weapon swap with a space marine knife.  I didn't like the look the knife of the original.

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All I managed to get accomplished on this group was the whites of their eyes.  Other's have recomened brown liner to line the eyes.  With a darker skin tone I might typically agree.  But I feel it looks to dark for my taste.  So I decided to line the eyes with a mix of RMS Bloodstain Red and their original skin color.  So far it look OK to me.





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Tonight I decided to finish up the eyes on these guys.  Decided to keep the same eye color on them all, green.  I also gave the skin a lining wash.


Here is the RP Elf eyes all a green:



Next up we have the chainmail elf eyeing her target:



Finally we have the reaper elf.  She has a bow to be assembled later.  So I painted up her eyes.  Then I couldn't stop myself so I painted up her face.  Guess she is kinda miffed that she doesn't have her bow.  Someday I think I need to research 2d art on painting facial expressions to try enhance existing expressions.


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They're looking great and good call on not using a darker color on the eyes. I think the brown liner would have been too dark.



I love how you start to get lifelike results early in these WIPs with the simplest of steps. Well, and the eyes, of course, which are not simple at all but bring the characters alive.

Thanks, I like to start with the face for just that reason.  Eyes are getting easier.  Note: easier, not easy (-5 is warmer than -10 but still not warm to me)


Agreed with Pingo, small steps can have a big impact. Looking forward to this WIP progressing!

Hope I don't disappoint.  More to follow.  Not much time to paint the last 2 days.  I did managed to squeeze in some time tonight.  Face and skin on the other 2 are finished.  Photo's to follow in a bit.

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    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, I completed this Wizards of the Coast model today. This is a 88714, Goblin Scout of the Drazen's Horde faction. It's a Chainmail Miniatures model that was sculpted by Jerzy Montwill. The base is 20mm in diameter and I painted it with Reaper MSP paint.












    • By golldan
      This is the Hill Giant from 77939. I have not finished the cat yet, so I only have the Giant here. I have been trying to add various colors (layers of color for one area/color) to my minis to make them more interesting. Following some of the painters here and other utubers and painters like Angel G. I used an Imperial Purple base for this entire mini and then did Troll Flesh as next base for skin and then built up reddish skin tones for skin and then went lighter tan. Hope you enjoy, I had fun painting him.








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      Another little piece that I am happy to finally have completed.  I love these monsters and they are often in my dungeons but rarely seen and never sought after.  Hunting these is like hunting the garbage collector, you only do it when you think you threw out something valuable.  But there have been a couple of points where I wished I had a miniature for it and now that's resolved.  Hope you like him... I named him Fred 

    • By 72moonglum
      And good evening to all of you of the Reaper persuasion,
      So just finished photographing this guy this afternoon.  This is an Earth Elemental, originally from a blister pack of three minis, this guy, the Earth Elementals Lord I painted a few days back and an interesting looking iguana-like Earth Familiar, which is on my docket next.  This was sculpted by Jim Johnson and released somewhere in the nineties.  Fun figure to paint, not a drop of metal, but all sorts of different earth tones.  The only un-earthy tones are the crystals in his spine, which I painted blue.  I wanted to originally paint them green to match the crystal in the Shaman's staff, but I didn't think there would be enough contrast between the grass/moss around the stones.

      The little iguana familiar will be next!
    • By Metalchaos
      Hello everyone, here is a model from the early 80s. Ral Partha 02-912, Giant Rat sculpted by Julie Guthrie. I placed it on a 20mm base and painted in with Reaper MSP paint.






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