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So, since I was procrastinating on making my base for Rasia I decided to start prepping some more figures to paint.     After see 72Moonglum paint up some old partha's I decided to work on another o

Tonight I decided to finish up the eyes on these guys.  Decided to keep the same eye color on them all, green.  I also gave the skin a lining wash.   Here is the RP Elf eyes all a green:   Next

Added a bit more highlighting to the shirt.  Then I mixed up the pants colors.  Basically took the base coat and gradually added in maggot white with 4 layers of highlight.  Then I shadowed in the pan

Posted Images

Life happened and I found myself taking little time to paint.  Work is commencing on Rasia's base, no photos so no need to post and update in her thread.  Here however, I have made small progress with the RP Elf.  Progress with slow down more once I have my exchange mini prepped and planned.  Cloak still needs a little more blending.  But I think I got the highlight and shadows set.


 But for now here is where I am with the RP Elf:


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These are coming out beautifully!

Thanks, you are the inspiration for me to break out a RP to paint up.  Hope I do you proud.


On a progress note.  I painted up the shirt and boots in using mainly Foundry Drab triad.  I brought the shadows down a bit further with a mix of the shadow Drab with some RMS Wood Stain Brown.  Looking at the photo I need to bring up a few more spots on the shirt and deepen the shadows in a few spots on the boots.


Here is tonight's progress:


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After a quick bit on the Google hangouts I'm calling the RP Elf done.  Now on to the base.  I plan to base him on a sculpted rock base I made up practicing for another mini.  


Here are some shots of the Elf:






And here is a shot of just the sculpted rock that I need to begin adding too.


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No updates today.  Just did some gluing down of grit on the base.

Yeah this is absolutely beautiful! Love the eyes and I really love how utterly soft his boots look!


Your metal too is so nice, I really am blown away by the shiny reflection on his belt dagger.

Thanks, I was surprised myself how well the dagger turned out as well.

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