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Interesting medium - is that sculpting wax?  I think that what's bothering you about the tail are those long, lengthwise tool marks.  Our handsome friend here seems to have his tail fur pointed more downward than backward.  It also tapers a bit toward the point.  I might fluff out the cheeks a bit more - not because they're inaccurate for a wolf with a short coat, but because the fluffed jowls are so iconically lupine.  The muzzle could probably be smoothed a bit - the fur around the jaws is really short.  You can see how the tool marks would start just even with his eyes, which also brings the jaws into visual focus as the head of the arrow.

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Ah think you guys are right more fluff and the fur direction. To be honest it was a 30second tail sculpt lol. It was 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep til the hair was done so I was like freak it and wish wish wish lol.

Yes it is a type of wax clay it is "Monster maker" I love the stuff. I am more of a cut into things type of sculptor rather then build up type of sculptor. I usually just glob on a blob here and there to a rough shape then kinda look at it and a pic drawn or of an animal til I get the idea of what I want it to look like and cut into it. 

I tried 2 part epoxy and such but I am not a good fill in the blanks where it needs it type of guy. This stuff if heated in the microwave for 30 seconds can turn to a liquid then if left out "depending on the heat" be a good push around with fingers to say work outside in winter where only tool can mark it. I find it gives the best of all worlds. But you do need to cast it.

Well I got to work on it some more tonight then I will hopefully add more pics tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks a million for all the comments guys it really matters alot to me :D. I find after a while of working on something one of two things happens. You either love it so much and put so much time into it that you become blind to the flaws til it is too late. Or you get so nit picky that everything about it bugs you til you give up on it, It really helps to bounce things off people :D.

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