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Bon Anniversaire, PingosHusband!

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Twenty-three years since we made it official. :wub:


I remember meeting you at the roleplaying gamers' table at Student Activities' Night thirty-two years ago, and it's been gaming geekery ever since.

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Woo! Congratulations!!


Mighty accomplishment.


Glad to see some people can manage what I cannot. :lol:

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Congratulations to you both. May the years ahead be  filled with the same love as the years behind, and may you live together long enough to be a burden upon your children almost as long as they where a burden upon you  :;):

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We hit our 25 year anniversary last year. Some of my coworkers are younger than that, makes me feel old....

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Thank you all.  We had a good day.  Sadly, our attempt to play Shadowrun our anniversary was canceled due to an illness spread among our gaming group by one of our children.  So we played a family round of Munchkin Steampunk instead.

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      Facebook reminded me in June that it was 3 years ago I started painting minis on the regular, showing me the pic I took of the first group of minis I painted for my D&D group. I eventually posted them here after I joined sometime around November 2017. The one representing my dragonborn was an otter cleric from Darksword minis.
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