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Stones Dungeon Tiles


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I think that I put base gray on everything that gets it. Then I put the Earth Stone color on random posts off the doors and whatnot. This was all followed by a drybrush of Olive Drybrush, and the Stone Edge highlight (only pillars and big resin floor piece received the last couple of stages)





Any other thoughts?

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Here is a better look at the columns while I wait for the backside of the goblin lair for piece to dry (had to cover up the gunky resin stuff).


The wall piece is one of the Dwarven Forge tiles I painted. They don't match perfectly but not to shabby for the columns being painted with horrible lighting while watching a movie. 




Also, I started some of the wood tiles, but not sure I like the color. Might need to wait for my Pokorny Paints from KS3 to arrive in order to match my Buildings stuff...



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More progress! 




(I have to power through this before my motivation wanes. That is why I am trying not to finish only a few at a time. Don't want temptation to set in for saving some for later and relegating them to the dreaded shelf of shame.)

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Thanks guys!


I made it through another three or four of the columns of tiles in the last image I posted before realizing I had lots of papers to grade before tomorrow. I had hoped to finish a while ago so that I could crank out the second half of the tiles. Instead, I am just taking a quick break to post on the forums. The tiles will have to wait.

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I finished up the dungeon style paint job on the tiles and the doors. I messed with the wood tiles a little but am not happy with them yet. They currently have a layer of Earth Stone and another layer of Cardboard. The one on the right also has a layer of Tanned Shadow. At this point, I might just wait for the wood texture until the new painta get sent out in March.


Next will be flipping the tiles over for the sandstone paint job. Wish me luck.





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