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Playing Around With Mapping

Rob Dean

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I'm not sure if this is more of a work in progress, or belongs here in general fantasy.


In any case, I got a copy of a book* on do it yourself fantasy mapping for my older son for Christmas, and yhen decided to get one for me too. As miniature wargamers, we have need of a variety of maps for campaign purposes, and I usually rely on my kids. I wanted to see if I could do this for myself for a change.


Here's a test doodle, to no particular plan, just to try the inking and watercolors, neither of which are techniques I've had much to do with.




*How to Draw Fantasy Art &RPG maps, Jared Blando

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Thanks. I've done some calligraphy for many years; I was a little disappointed to find that the finest point calligraphy pen I have now, though, was still too large to do anything but the biggest labels. I should also have waited to ensure that the paper was absolutely dry, as there is some spreading. That's why this is a technical test ...

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