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Froggy the Great

Derro Army

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Nice work!


How come you multi-based them?

It's something new, mostly. Dragon Rampant can use single or multi bases, and my other DR armies are multi based to remain compatible with Hail Caesar.


I'm enjoying making the functional dioramas.

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I'm a little jealous.  I'm struggling to keep going on a single set of Derro, and here you are with 4 sets finished.  They look good, though.  Hopefully I can push through and get my own done by the end of the week.

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    • By canuckotter
      For my son's Christmas present, I'm letting him pick out an army for himself for Dragon Rampant. He's going with a monster theme. He's already picked out a couple Bones Burrowing Horrors, three Beastmen, and possibly some Arachnid Warriors and Archers. Goremaw is also going to have a place in his army. In general he's trying to stay away from humanoid figures (I'll probably get him a few more beastmen just to give him some more options), and he's got no interest in undead or aberrations - he just wants monsters. I believe the plan does call for some hordes of vermin as well. I'd prefer to stick with Bones as much as possible and definitely avoid metal if possible - these are going to be thrown in a box and carted around all over the place, metal figures would be chipped and wrecked in no time.
      In theory he's picking out his own units but I want to be able to offer him some ideas, and I also want a couple surprises in there when he opens it up on Christmas day. So! Anyone have any suggestions?
      And for that matter, if you have good suggestions for other themed armies and units, feel free to toss those in... He's going to need opponents. Especially for mounted units!
      Thanks all!
    • By Rob Dean
      I had the opportunity to play some Dragon Rampant last weekend at Huzzah, a convention in Portland, Maine.  I decided that it was time to get these figures off the painting sticks and into play.  DR calls for 6 figure units for war beats and cavalry, but these rats are small enough that I decided that 6 bases was a nice unit of measure.  The two large swarms are single piece castings (01-045 from Iron Wind Metals), and the outrider bases are the DF-106s, originally scultped by Julie Guthrie.
      This was a speed painting exercise; total brush time was just under an hour, and they were, as you can tell, mostly dry brushed.  
    • By TGP
      I spotted this big dragon/dino thing on a blog page. Can anyone ID the maker or source? I would like to find one.
      The blogger said he found it at a garden store. Spoilered for huge 1600x1280 picture.
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