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DeepWars - Blood Reef


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Shush! Don't tell me that!


And that point system is far too confusing.



Edit: Bah. Fine! I pledged! Minis only (because I really love those mermaids :wub:). But no more!!!

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I added a 3'x3' sand map and the hardcover rules update to a store purchse since they are having a sale.

What figures are other people going with for Kickstarter choices?
I am looking at:
Combat Engineer

Cephalid Biomancer
Cephalid Ethermancer
Ethereal Proto-Spawn of Yosoth
Siren Maneater
Leviathan Biomech
Cephalid Animist

Cymopoleia - Nereid Sorceress
Eidothera - Nereid Captain
Nereid gaurdian of the reef
Nereid Treasure seeker
Beast of Blood Reef, Giant Shark
Triton Berserker
Amatheia - Caller of the Deep
Giant Mantis Shrimp

Hydrothermal Vents
Anklebiter Barnacles
Coral Reef Section
Sunken Treasure Markers
Crystal Outcropping

The breakdown of the above works out to:
24 points on minis
10 on terrain
plus the Blood Reef Softcover

I already have two unpainted Mantrap Plants and an Ancient Death Ray, so the next thing on the list was the Exploding Fungal Pods and the Fungal Forest. Any chance someone can glance over this and let me know that I am not missing some amazing new sculpt or an obvious deal on a mini from the catalog or something?

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