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That's cute. It ruins plans, enslaves lesser creatures, defies gravity, and tpk's all with a smile.


I'm thinking the nose is fine, the only single nostrils I can immediately recall are marine.


Seriously though, I'm loving the happy vibe I'm getting here: That's exactly how I picture something so potent realizing new things have wandered into its home. It's not just seeing food.


It's seeing toys.

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Excellent work!  Love the interpretation.  Definitely like the story implications.  Makes it lean more towards chaotic evil which could be very fun for his actions in game and interaction with PCs.


Now you just need to make a cast and get copies out to forumites (I call first!) ;)

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Thank you all so much for your kind comments and the character you helped create for this playful batty.


In the meantime I got a bit further on him (her?). I made a silicone mold but my first resin casts didn't come out even remotely good. Well, it isn't a simple piece to start with.

I then painted the green and built a base. So I've still got to paint the base up and put the whole thing up to Show-Off.

Also there are more resin casts to do, I still have some faith left in that mold.


More C&C please! :D






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