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What exactly is CAV????


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Well, I have heard talk of this CAV stuff for quite a while and it looks pretty cool, I mean whats not awsome about a broup of giant robots kicking the crap out of each other? What I want to know though, is are there armies? What exactly do you do?

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a big smile overcomes the face of the old fart war dog named Kamut.


He answers the young inquirer. "You and your buddies get some robots (Combat Assault Vehicles) and go kick the crap out of each other.... well shooting the crap out of each other...."


"And while your at it, pick up a few tanks, vehicles, infantry and gunships too, they'll increase the versatility of how the crap is kicked out of each other."


"Direct fire means you can kick the crap out of each other within LOS, indirect fire means you can take cover behind terrain and lob a crap kickin' without LOS."


"And of course, within LOS, means you will recieve a crap kicking defensively..."


"Rhino... a BIG crap kicking, Katana... a surgical Crap kicking...."


"full customizability, to pick and choose how the crap is kicked...."


Does that about sums it up?.......LOL

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OK, true, piloted robots, and the crews can be upgraded to increase the quality of crap kicking......"


By the way, Meady, I LOVE the avatar......


Armies.... (As defined by a Terran Loyalist)


AEC/NADO (Dirty Capitolist Elves, and shifty peace brokers with a hellified secret service)


Malvernian Empire (Trolls? Door to door religious folks on a mission to change the galaxy to their ways or by a few little ebbs here and there courtesy of the Dark Brotherhood)


Empire of the Rach (Orcs? sort of like Klingons, I guess. Roughnecks and basically crap kickers)


Ritterlich Confederacy (more elves... but these guys are more vampire like or even gothic in their look; these guys favor combined arms to kick crap with...)


Knights of the Temple/Templar (basically any convert to their way, but started on Adon - same place as AEC and Ritterlich. to me they're starting to emulate the Malvies, but perhaps a little subtle, they own the galactic bank......)


Terran/UFF (you know who we are.... and us Terrans are pretty much all around crap kickers.....)

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And yuo forgot to add, this is not just humans douing it, but we have plenty of factiiosn to choos from.


malvernis perhaps, (if yiou are into somewhat of a religious fanatic)


Rach... if the mood for the Warrior Mistique hits you.


Mercs, jacks of all trades


Riteterlich... a tad ahem, Germanic for me, but good too


NADO, what is a nice commercial enterprise to protect three people's?


Oh and of course the "do gooders" of the universe, the Templars.


There are Psyros, truly robots with AI to do the butt kicking


And pirates


And thoze last two are highly shall we say, disliked by evrybody else?



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beat me to it, and lets not forget UCORs. :poke:


Borsig Spline


Grundor House






Mark V




Koda Works







All of which provide you the tools of the trade to which you can use to kick the crap out of each other...

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See if your FLGS is carrying the CAV starter boxed set.


You get dice, tape measure, the base rulebook, 4 cavs ( including the Rhino, a $12 value! ), a deck of special playing cards ( suitable for use with the CAV activation system, Poker, and as recognition cards, like WWII ), all for $39.95!



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The CAV Starter Set Catalog & Order Number# 7902



Rhino, Dictator, Puma, Specter, Deck of Cards, d6 (x4), d10 (x2), Quick Start Guide, Full Copy of the Rules


Retail Price: $39.95 (contents worth over $75 individually)


official list of contents, sorry, tape measure not included.


cher ^_^

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The starter kit is a great buy for certain.


I wouldn't concern myself on whats a good starting army, because as with anything, you develop a style to your liking, so there isn't any right or wrong choice, rather what makes you happy.


Some guys favor CAVs, others like gunships, or more combined arms; you gotta with what you like. Units in CAV are basically either hard or soft targets, Hard targets being CAVs, Tanks and some APCs, Soft targets like infantry, gunships and some vehicles.


You'll have some units hard or soft which may rock against hard targets, but are weak against soft, and of course you have the reverse. there are also units which are fairly balanced between hard and soft.


You can take this with a grain of salt, but I tend to favor balanced units myself, and when used in numbers can make your overall unit very fluid, especially if they got the speed to exploit any little weakness' against your opponent.


My advice, start small, get comfortable with a section or two of CAVs, then get some vehicles/tanks/ infantry to round off your unit. vehicles/tanks/APCs come 2 to a blister while infantry come with 12 guys. (most guys put 4 to a stand, I put 3 out of personal preference). oh yeah, Sabres (Vehicles) come 3 to a blister and are pretty freakin awesome.


For beginners, keep a game around 2000 to 3000 points, have fun. then you can expand if you wish or be happy there. Warmasters are generally 1750 points with one section of CAVs, great to learn the basics, but CAV really shines in the combined arms arena.


OK, now go out there, pick up some CAVs and kick the crap out of somebody. get to it, soldier!

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