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What exactly is CAV????


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Hmm, also a good idea, but I decided to first check out what reaper has to offer and create a well rounded force. This is what I came up with:


07008: KDM Rhino

07012: Mitso-Ta Regent

07035: Mark IV Poltergeist

07068: Hughes Marietta Sabre AFV(3)

07074: Longbow Gunship (2)

07025: Reg. Infantry/Hvy Weapons

07062: Heavy Infantry Heavy Mortar

07015: Infantry Grenadiers



I still don't fullt understand the points per unit thing so how does this look for a noobie?

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Well, with no upgrades and giving each of your mortar guys an FA-45 and a SAG Heavy mortar, you're looking at 2307 points. You're looking really good if you want to take a slow combined-arms force, and the infantry/plane/tank thing is working decently. You're going to be less effective against someone who takes an all-CAV force, even with the Rhino in there.


My suggestions, not all of which need to be followed:

-Get two more CAVs for that Rhino and Regent. I'd suggest a Sultan and a Mantis. That gives you a reasonably heaby-hitting, but still well-rounded single section.

-Drop the Poltergeists for Lances or Despots. The Despots especially have decent anti-soft capabilities with their indirect fire, and will fulfill the role of the Poltergeists at longer range.

-Longbow gunships are good. I'd add a pair of Tsuisekis as well.

-With your heavy infantry/heavy mortars, I'd take those three and put them with a Panther CAV. That'll give you a section of indirect-fire death-onna-stick.

-Get a blister of Hedgehogs, Badgers, or Lynxes. Put one of each vehicle with each other blister of light infantry. That way your infantry can actually move a little faster.


My two cents. Do what you want with it.

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Yeah, pick up a JoR 1 and 2 and you'll have the more recent points and datacard. heres an idea of what your gunning for. also now think about grouping them into sections of 4. I'm not gonna tell how to do it and what combos to use, you find whats comfortable for you....


07008: KDM Rhino -598 points (slow and heavy crap kicker)



07012: Mitso-Ta Regent -325 points (great fire support and fast as a whip)


07035: Mark IV Poltergeist 109 (X2) (you get 2 to a pack, If your interested, I can key you in on a few cheap upgrades that'll put it on par with a Dingo)


07068: Hughes Marietta Sabre AFV(3) 100 (x3) (these guys are pretty good, I've paired them with Stilletos before to get some more punch


07074: Longbow Gunship 112 points(x2) (haven't quite used these yet)


OK, heres where it gets tricky a bit, because this really depends on your taste, some guys double up weapons, some don't. and also choice of weapons.


07025: Reg. Infantry/Hvy Weapons

07062: Heavy Infantry Heavy Mortar

07015: Infantry Grenadiers



you get 12 guys so you can split this so many ways, AT23s (37 points each weapon) rock against hard targets, AA52s (25 points per weapon) give TL bonus against air targets if you use Anti aircraft (AA) rules. FA45 (13 points per weapon) is cheap and effective against soft targets but for the same price 1A2 Grenade Launchers give you better range, at the expense of offense.


G11s (4 points) are a dirt cheap standard and I like them; simple, basic and respectable against soft targets, especially in the hands of elite troops.


Mortars (light = 20 points per tube and heavy = 39 points per tube) are as mortars are, a pain in the crapper, and you can use these monsters to give your opponent the runs, but you need a spotter. Granted infantry could be given a chain lock pod, but you get best effect with a spotter that can give you +4 to target lock(TL).


you can chain in targets using the spotters TL and that increases their ability tremodously; Don't skimp here, artillery is the great equalizer, and localized mortars can really be a threat on the table. Give them a spotter; some guys use light CAVs or even aircraft, I tend to upgrade APCs.


note1 : the same APC that may carry 3 stands of light infantry, would only carry one heavy infantry stand. also APCs carry one mortar stand of either light or heavy)


note 2, spotter equipped with a chain lock pod must be in same section with the mortars.

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Note, but this takes some experience to pull it off, and tactics....


The sabres are under estimated by most... but in packs they work wonderful to bring down damaged CAVs... (as we found out monday)


Here is what I fielded for 2000 points last Monday in a pick up game


four sabres


Four Flails


two tsusikei


two warlords with an improved WSO each (+1)


and yes they did some serious kicking, but it took tactics and using the terrain. (and tbe dice were with me)


Now what area of the country are you at? You may be able to find an active group. If perchance you are in San Diego, Ca... look under BL events for the Game Towne Adress, we are startign some pick up games there this Saurday.

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I actually like the idea of an all CAV force to tell you the truth and I wasn't totally sure it was legal. So ok, I got the Rhino and the Mitso-Ta Regeant. From here, I want something with some range, and some close combat CAVs to lay down some serious firepower and arse-whoopin! :devil: Any suggestions for this cause I have got my mind now set on an all CAV force. Thanks for help gettin a noobie off the ground! And Nadin, I live in the most isolated place on earth....Newfoundland :down: So there will be no pick-ups for me...stupid island <_<

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Well HtH in this game does not work that well, but since you want an all CAV force and chances are... yuo will not face any SOFT TARGETS, concentrate on hard targets.


You should deffinitely consider the Dictoator


The Warlord is not bad, tad less hitting power but taht Target Lock number is SWEET.


Now yuo may also want a section of on board artillery, (Specters three of them and a Panther to act as forward observer, I know some consider it cheesy... but it works)


Hmm now for close in fighting or recon, Pumas work well, especially if you should find a game where someobdy is usng crunchy infantry... speed and flamer, will help them to flank, HOPEFULLY.


I sugest, get the books, before you get anything else... in fact get teh starter set and the two JORs and then review the fluff and stats for them. My taste is different than yours as well as my fighitng style.



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yeah, and if you like an all CAV force, a national army may be just your thing;


RAM Coalition, tend to favor companies (4 troop sections)


Terrans and Rach have Turmas and Squadrons (5 troop sections)


and Templar have Conrois (6 Troop sections)


thats pretty CAVVY! Mercs, generally have a little more freedom in arrangement on how they decide to kick the crap out of their enemies.


again, start small, and get a feel for what you like.


You like range, check out the Falcon and Gladiator (40inches direct). the Sabretooth has some killer range too, but directed against soft targets.


the Soveriegn, Conqueror and Bishop have the most insane ranges (60 inches indirect), but they're mostly fire support.


Since your fielding a mostly hard target force, if you expect to take them against anything but another CAV heavy force, you need to really pay attention to the stats and get a few soft killers, or balanced killers which work well against hard or soft.


Realize, that for the same price tag, another player can field twice as many units (of course being mixed) and gain better initiative. So for every section you have, its a card in the deck, and you won't have as many, so be freindly to offboard command structure. 100 points puts an extra card in your deck, and I'de be ready to add a few just to have a decent chance of activation.


Your gonna want some armor too, because with fewer units, you'll have to put them to work longer, and they're gonna take a beating. Speed should also be emphasized, because if you take some heat in a prolonged fight, you'll want to boogey on out and try a repair or two.


I'de say, let IFM be your freind, at least you don't have to be in Line of sight, and you can soften up soft targets before actually trying to engage them. Your probably gonna find yourself playing conservatively, which is good actually. You'll get a feel for just how much any of your CAVs can take, and when its time to pull back.


Don't get in the habit of rushing your targets either, pace yourself, with that kind of firepower you'de be tempted to go all out, but an experienced player could eat you up with a few Tsuisekis. not good.


remember something, for every CAV you have, somebody could probably field a section of AT23 infantry/APC and really put a stop to you. Be sure to have some CAVs that can deal with infantry and other soft targets. hint, hint Vanquisher or Sabretooth. If you go with a balanced CAV like Thugs, Starhawk Vs or Challengers, you trade a bit of that decisive edge for flexibility, and that works too.


Hard killers, easy enough. You got a Rhino already, granted its slower than molasses, you can build a defense around it. Mantis' Wights, Dictators are pretty good hard killers. Duelists are a bit tricky to use, but the ECCM can be very helpful.


Also, if you don't mind a few crew upgrades, don't underestamate some of the supposedly "low end" CAVs like the Katana, Archer or Wyvern. Especially the Katana (the Delicate Woman), for the same price of some superiorities, you can trick her out and get a little surgical with her fine ###!


your biggest threat however is the Whisper Missile system, and quite frankly, your defense against it is limited. you literally have to shoot the freakin' thing down. Good luck. I know you want a CAV only force, but at some point you might want to at least give them some air support, you wont be sorry.


well, take it with a grain of salt, but thats my 2 cents worth....LOL

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Well KAMUT, this is what I have come up with, using the tips of you people:


07008: KDM Rhino

07012: Mitso-Ta Regent

07002: KODA Works Dictator

07019: Hughes-Marietta Warlord

07001: Mark IV Specter (x3)

07007: KDM Panther

07006: KDM Puma (x2)

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Well that answered A LOT of questions I had about CAV. They have elves!!!!! :wub:

Sorry Any game with elves is something I have a soft spot for.

Yes, there's elves. I can't seem to find a game without 'em! They make dandy lube for the joints on my Starhawk ::): Very soft, way better than any petroleum product ::P:

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can't argue with that logic, LOL. Elves, the other petroleum product......


Meady, again, not gonna tell you what combos to use, you have to develop your style. actually you have 2 and a half sections there.


I can see with the Spectors, you decided to go with a panther spotting for 3 of them, so I assume that is one section. I'm assuming your gonna keep the pumas together (great soft killers by the way.) and you went with a decent blend of hard hitting power.







I haven't used the Warlord as much as any of the other CAVs, but it certainly is a solid performer.


together this section alone is 1505 points. (around the points we tend to balance our CAV sections around).


Your defense sits around the Rhino, but the Warlord and Dictator are solid enough to function like wing for the Rhino. Your arrangement is very simular to ours, where you'll find yourself fighting as a 3 man team. The Regent may not be the toughest thing out there but it sure is an awefully good fire support option (your 4th CAV)


Since my camp specifically trains to fight like this, I can offer you a bit more advice. Know your limits.....


You have a strong point with that Rhino, which compensates for the Regents lack of firepower. of course, the Dictator and Warlord are solid to where if another player focuses on your Rhino, your other two CAVs will have their way with them. more experienced players are gonna find your achilles heel, and thats the speed and limited range of the Rhino.


Tsuisekis may be your worse threat, and fortunately you have your Regent to give you some cover. Your best bet here, use the combined IFM of the Regent, Warlord and Dictator to take them out before making any manuevers. You have to remember, Terrain, Terrain, Terrain. don't give them LOS until your ready to; make them come to you, and perhaps you can snuff them with your Spector section ......


your Spector/Panther section, is a rough one to contend with. keep them within good cover of your Rhino section, and vice versa. They are very good at either extreme of the spectrum, but should one of these sections go down, you run the risk of losing your whole effort. very simple, you lose one section, then your opponent need only hit your other section with enough of its opposite target type.


IE you lose your spector section, your Rhino section has limited defense against soft targets and vice versa.


your two sections together need to be reasonably intact to be most effective.


now comes the Pumas, you have 2 CAVs here, and sections are grouped by 4s. you can do a lot of things here, but with the little bit of info I gave you, its on you to figure how you wish to blend them into the overall picture of your unit's capabilities. Find another two CAVs you like, and go with that. you obviously have other weakness' to consider, so start with that.

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CAV and Battletech are in the same genre. That is where the similarity utterly stops.


CAV is an advancing-tech setting, BT is, AFAIK, declining.

CAV is simple and fast, BT requires extensive bookkeeping.

CAV allows you to play with up to 40 models un a few hours, that would take a day or more in BT.

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