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What exactly is CAV????


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No real connection other than that they're both cool giant-robot games.


CAV appears to have a much simpler system than Battletech, but still better than Drekwarrior: Dark Ages.


Once I get a starter kit and such I'm going to try to persuade Lanse to run a demo for my MW group and see how they like it.

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Quick question for another non-CAV guy. I used to play Battletech about another life time ago. Is there any connection between Battletech and CAV? If so what? How does CAV compare to Battletech?



Universe wise NOTHNG to do with each other, just the same Genre... kind of like HG is also in the Mecha Genre, as well as Frontline and other games.


Mechanically this game is faster to play due to the damage track system. A Company on Company engagement takes about a day to play with Tech, ok half a day if people know what they are doing. CAV it takes about two hours.


Also Tech (Classic) encourage the use of Mech Exclusive forces


CAV shines as a combined arms exercise.

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CAV is an advancing-tech setting, BT is, AFAIK, declining.

Not really, since the Clan invasions (and really since Grayson Carlyle found the memory core on Helm in IIRC 3028 or so) tech has been ADVANCING. Even in the DA period of Mechwarrior, tech hasn't regressed much, if at all. The idea of declining tech was only true in the Succession Wars era (my personal favorite!).



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hmm, I don't play enough of the table top game to know the details, but I think what Frosch is getting at is that for a while there was a "dark period" in technology, namely with the fall of the Star League. It being so much a decline, that with the arrival of the Clans, the Inner Sphere just wasn't prepared to deal with even a small leap in technology. Of course, the Inner Sphere got back on the horse and did their thing.


The decline doesn't exist in CAV, never did. Technology is always going foreward and theres no "lost tech" to be found. I don't mind the concept, in fact, I like it actually, but thats Battletech, and not CAV.


The most notable difference is simply within the game mechanics themselves, look at the datacard, bing! Your tracking individual armor, heat build up, ammunition. hey, specifically, its designed to where the battlemech is tracked individually.


nothing wrong with that, actually I love battletech (Classic Battletech) but the game mechanics emphasis smaller scale conflicts, a lance or two, maybe a company; you go more than that and the system becomes slow.


two sections (or two lances) in CAV can be tracked effortlessly, at thats where CAV starts to pick up. You can bring more than 3 sections to the table, and it goes by pretty quick. Not to say CAV is a better system, but rather it's focus is different.


you can add ammo rules, and heat, and salvage and whatever, but as you do, you lose the simplicity of what drives the game. thats not a bad thing actually, but I would prefer these type of rules be dictated by your comfort level. (as some may be well aware, I have NO qualms about trying various house rules and variations)

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nothing wrong with that, actually I love battletech (Classic Battletech)

Kamut, if ever you're in Easton perhaps we can get a Battletech game going. Plus you said you'd show me CAV too. I bought the rulebook (the cheap part; the toys are always the EXPENSIVE part).


I had a SWAI (stupid [email protected]#& idea) today at work and see if its possible to convert Battletech to Cav's rules...intruging...



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well, bro

you certainly aren't the first to want to try a CAV - CBT conversion. by all means. Don't sweat about the battletech minis, I was gonna get rid of them before, but ended up keeping them, mostly for sentimental reasons. have two or three companies worth of stuff lets see....


2 Thors (my favorite)

2 Loki

2 Vultures

2 Madcats

3 Hauptman (2 of which belong to Red, just gotta send them to him)

1 Maruader



2 Shayu







a few others, can't remember off the top of my head......


2 long tom artillery




command Vehicles

I think they're Von Luckner tanks



anyway, yeah, actually only played the tabletop game a handful of times, mostly I'm the PC mechwarrior nutcase who happens to reward himself for each game completed with a few mech minis.


and don't sweat the CAV stuff either, bro I can field 12 players each with 7500 points of stompy metal goodness.


PS: I gotta check in with Pharoah to see what he's doing, his schedule has been rough so its hard to get in touch with him. But yeah, when I do get out there, I'll let you know for certain.....

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I had a SWAI (stupid [email protected]#& idea) today at work and see if its possible to convert Battletech to Cav's rules...intruging...


All depends on how faithful you really want to be to your source material. I haven't checked the JoR yet, but it should be possible to build stats for similar performance, at the very least.


Although Lanse keeps telling me CAV's just don't do the 'hands' thing, so physical combat might suffer a bit....

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The main reason a GOOD Btech ---> CAV conversion might be useful: I know several local gamers with large and growing BTech minis collections. Who'd love something that doesn't take weeks to play out, but is better than MWDA.


Hm. One of my own favorite 'mechs, the Loki (Hellbringer)... let's see...


Large particle beam in each arm

Missile rack over the right shoulder

3 medium-caliber lasers (torso mount)

A handful of machine-guns and other anti-infantry weapons

And an advanced sensor pod.


Middling-decent armor, fast for its weight class (near the low end of 'heavy').


Someone with JOR want to take a poke at it?

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