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What exactly is CAV????


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Sounds good to me; I prefer tanks to robots, and if robots are present, tanks just don't seem to fit.


I'm also interested in converting CAV to accomodate Epic 40,000 miniatures. After Titan Legions and Space Marine went OOP, the Epic system became pretty much a combined arms game and everyone forgot about the Titans (CAVs...)

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Your best bet is to look at the mini, compare its size to certain CAVs, and figure out what number of damage tracks it's have in cmparison. Then, make the stats with the JoR construction rules to generally fit the spirit of the model, rather than trying to recreate everything.


Problem there is, even the Atlas Mini is going to pale in size/bulk next to the resized Rhino.

Yeah, you can't go by straight size of the minis when they're different scales.


That's why I included descriptives of its armor, speed, and weight class, since it's easier to work from that than from specific numbers.


The best bet, to build a BT conversion, is to just take the BT minis at their own scale, and build to suit. A Locust, say, might have only a few damage tracks, and Atlas might have a lot. But as HO says, fit it to the spirit, rather than bothering with exact numbers.


I'm hoping to pick up JoR next paycheck and get started on this.

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