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“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.†- Andy Warhol


2015 was a really big year of emotional recovery for me. It's taken several years, but I truly felt that change last year. So with that progress in mind, I decided I wanted more. I've dedicated 2016 to learning about my favorite thing in the whole wide world - ART!

I've got a lot to learn and a lot of time to get back. I'm going to make it worth my while to make time for art. I'll be using this thread as a goal marker if you would like to learn with me. ::):


These are my 2016 Goals:



I would like to have a dragon and a snowglobe done this year. I want to have a ReaperCon entry as well. Progress will be posted on the normal part of the forums.

- Mini Painting - Speedy Swashbucklin' Sea Scamps, Pokemon themed ReaperCon/Spring Exchange

- Non Mini Painting - Drink Coasters,


Sculpt something! Whether it's terrain or a Parading Penguin Present Party, I want to start!
- Sculpting in progress - Learning to sculpt thread!
I have a sketchbook that I'd like to fill up by the end of the year by drawing in it for a few minutes every day. I'd like to get better at drawing - I want to learn the fundamentals and develop my own unique blend of animated and realistic styles. I'll post my favorite drawings of the month here. The rest can be seen on my Facebook albums, which are set to public. You can add or follow me if you would like.  ^_^

Longest consecutive streak: 245 Days (May 1-December 31) 316/365 = 86%!!

Jan: 23/31 74%

Feb: 23/29 79% - I got a tooth pulled and lost a week. That could have been 100%! :down:

Mar: 15/31 48% - Lesson 1 completed!

Apr: 9/30 30% - Ouch! I did a lot of lessons on those days, though. Lesson 2 completed!
May: 31/31 100% - :bday: !!! Both challenges completed, and nearly finished Lesson 3.  
Jun: 30/30 100% - :bday: !!! I did it again! A lot of fast sketches this month.
Jul: 31/31 100% -  :bday: !!! 3 month streak! Cosplay and Overwatch sort of took over, though I did get some sculpting in!
Aug: 31/31 100% - :bday: !!! 4 month streak!
Sep: 30/30 100% :bday: !!! 5 month streak! It was really close this month! Some days were just a few quick gesture sketches.
Oct: 31/31 100% -   :bday: !!! 6 month streak! Holy cow, I didn't think I was going to get so far! October has always been good to me though.
Nov: 30/30 100% -  :bday: !!! 7 month streak! Wow, November sucked. But it's done!
Dec: 31/31 100% -   :bday: !!! 8 month streak!
Random Drawings: Ma'al Dragon Heads (printable ones here), ub3r's Velicia Torynn,
Trading Cards: Ocean Sylvari, Pern Dragon,
Another art craft I've wanted to really get into! I'd like to finally complete one cosplay this year, whether that's something Morihalda would wear, ReaperCon Sophie, or something from a video game!
- Harry Potter Hufflepuff dress: Done!
- Harry Potter robes, movie style: Post 1, Done!
- Arcanine Kigurumi in progress: Post 1,
- Morihalda Silversage: Post 1, Presentable/Done-ish
- Bewitching Nidalee: Post 1, Done!
I hope you enjoy the journey with me!
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Thank you! I'll wait to post February, since we've only a week left. 


Sculpting progress - I'm working on something special for the Spring Exchange! Surprises are really difficult for me, I may just 'splode from excitement haha.


Ummm.... Other stuff I've done... Humm. It's so strange to post the final image of something and not see the hours and hours of the work (and the trash and the erasing...) before it....


These coasters were done over a series of several dates from November to early January - at the same ceramic shop where we met! :wub: I drew Wendy and Woodie from Don't Starve. My better half painted Woodie. I painted Wendy and the black lines on his. I wish I had painted more layers of purple! Our paint dates were the best thing ever, I hope we do it again soon. We want to make 2 more from their Shipwrecked expansion one day. Or maybe make 2 from Guild of Dungeoneering... Hmmm.... 




It's not from 2016, but the positive reaction I got from the Box of Goodwill about my art last summer had a huge impact on my desire to keep drawing and getting better. I didn't have any minis to donate, so I did some drawings instead. So thank you for being so incredibly nice and positive about it. ::): I do not have scans of the girl or the 4th dragon, though. You may recognize the heads from a certain... 5-headed...entity...


UH. They are HUGE.  :blink: I think they are somehow bigger on screen than the coloring pages (I removed the colored cardstock background for those) I printed out for the BoG.  :blink:

















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Yep, this thread is now a beautiful, happy place. Thank you for posting your art here so I can ooh and aah over everything on a large screen, especially those gorgeous dragon heads. Like, I already knew those were gorgeous, but to be able to see all of the detail. :wub: :wub: :wub:

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awesome!!!  I'm always envious of folks who can do the anime-style.  Also, I love the dragons! Keep up the great work!!!

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Oooh, now I can print out dragon heads to color and post on my wall!


Would that be okay?


My youngest is trying to learn how to draw dragons.

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Cool! I'm glad you are sharing here as well as on FB. I find both motivating, but the conversations here tend to be the best!

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Quick response to all lumped together since I'm about to walk out the door -


Aww, thanks you guys! I would like my style to have some eastern influences, so I have a few manga artists that I follow. Different subjects means I can keep trying different styles! I grabbed my printed copies of the dragons to take to the office and scan in - hopefully the water wrinkles won't show up, and then y'all can print those, if you would like. ^_^

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