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*waves* Hey all! September was a bit rough, but October looks like it will be pretty awesome!

There were several days that my daily drawing was just a few minutes of gesture sketching because I felt like I couldn't do much else. :S

But I'm on a 5 month streak!


Cash recommended a 10 day trial to the New Masters Academy, a very disorganized but incredibly vast video library of various art lectures. :wub:

I tried to make the most of the trial, so I learned about.....


Basic facial structure (September 4th)!

I've been trying to draw faces all year, but I learned more in the first 10 minutes of the video than I could have ever learned on my own!!!



Practiced 4 different types of drawing materials (September 9th). Charcoal pencils were cool, conte crayons were pretty fun, the markers were AMAZING - even though I was missing 2 grays from the set! - and then of course, pen. These were difficult. :zombie:



And tried drapery (September 15th)! I had the intention of blending in all my lines so it seemed softer, but the instructor was purposefully leaving lines in for contrast and other stuff I so I just ???. And then my trial ended before I got to the end of the video.




September 25th.

League of Legends announced some additions to their "Star Guardians" lineup, which is inspired by Sailor Moon. A lot of my cosplay friends were really excited, so I drew several different characters how I imagined they would look as a Star Guardian. Sivir on the far right is my favorite one and my bestie is so excited to cosplay her one day. ^_^


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So this is Nidalee in her Halloween skin for League of Legends. I've wanted to cosplay her since she came out!

(copied text from my FB post below)

More progress! Here's a quick test fitting of what I have so far. ::):
Boots, petticoat, and tights are mine. I sewed the shirt, vest, and skirt!
I have a hat on order, gotta fix some ribbons, cut some ribbon for my boots, etc etc... I was gonna wear my coyote teeth earrings but they are way too small! So I'll sculpt some bigger earrings instead. The broom would be fun but I doubt I'll find a nice one for it, it's a really pretty one in game...
Also this is why I'm dying for Kev White's line of Fairies Wear Boots. <3 I got so excited when I saw the first one. I can't wait to get it one day! Excluding work days, that's basically daily attire for me. :lol:



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Great stuff, as usual. Love seeing your progression as an artist!


That pen drawing of the geometrics is exactly my worst style from last semester. I really like what you did there! The cube is a bit scribbly but the rest of it is really, really nice!

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How cow! 6 months streak of daily drawing! Eeeeeee! ^_^ October has always been pretty good to me!

Photos are huge, my apologies.... Imgur is acting up again.


October 1st.

The 2 on the right were good people doodles. 
The chick on the left turned into a sea snake, with krait bands. I can't portray swimming "fast" very well. Her whip is made from the vertebrae of many, many dead fish. Or maybe a really big one, if I extended the spines. :O I dunno. I do weird stuff when left unattended.



October 4th.
I managed to cover all three October art prompts in one! "Hungry," "Tentacle Tuesday," and "Garden Witch."
If I drew this in color, it would be a bit more obvious - a gentle sea witch in a koi dress, feeding a little squid in her coral garden. c:

I want to color this one day! The October prompts were really good at making me create an entire piece, rather than just a body or face.



October 10th.

Another day of gesture sketching from references. I was pretty happy with this one. ^_^



October 22nd.
The dragon head bits are from the melt table, I think they will be fun sculpting practice!
The first one will be watery. I was trying to think of regal, spiky fish and NightyKnight was like, "what about a lionfish?" PERFECT. So he got frilly lizard lionfish spikes.
I flipped the second one around because I think it looks snazzy. I forgot to draw the eye though.
Also now I want to make Haku from Spirited Away and a dragon with curly goat horns....



October 25th.
This is Nerali Fendyn, my snarky battlemage babe! And I mean that literally - if she gets bored with spellcasting she'll just knock you in the head with her staff. 1f609.png
She also has a kagouti mount (Elder Scrolls world), which are basically walking stomachs with teeth. She doesn't listen very well. So Nerali calls her Netch Fart.
Netch are giant jellyfish in the ES world. Do they actually fart? We'll never know....
Yes, I have character creation addiction! I love making stories about them! But I want to finish sculpting her! I made her face in class last weekend.


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Here we are, 7 months later on a drawing streak! My best stuff this month was only during the first week. The first week was great. But man the rest of November was rough.


November 3rd.

Drawing practice from a New Masters Academy video. I covered both the male and female nipples; I don't discriminate. :;):



November 4th and 5th! 
Dragon is from Flight Rising. I think I'll call her Fikki.
Tree is from.... outside. Where the trees live. 
Dryad and Morihalda were done with leaves and campfire charcoal.
Teenage Sombra is from Overwatch.



November 6th.
Anatomy of the Head and Neck with Rey Bustos. He's AMAZING. <3



November 11th.
Gingerbread ornaments! I was really excited about these and wanted to make them out of clay. But then the rest of November hit me. S: I could try to start sculpting them but I'm not sure I'd get any decent ones by Christmas.


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All of your sketches have this wonderful motion and life to them; I'm jealous ^_^ .



Thank you! ^_^ I've been enjoying finding a "base" photograph to work from. It's easier for me to have a closer starting point and moving the body parts to how I picture it in my head, than starting with the static 8 circles tall proportion thing.

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I had a fun post here but lost it. :C


Edit: I'm also 100% done with Imgur, this is not the first time it hasn't saved my photo resizing.


December 8th. 

I joined Flight Rising last month, which is a website with lots of dragons, and apparently drawing your dragons as people is a Thing.




December 9th.

The Thing again.




December 13th.

I see a pattern....



The rest of December was dedicate to anatomy! I'll be continuing this into the new year. ::):


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On 1/26/2017 at 1:06 AM, 4tonmantis said:

Your art reminds me of a Ian McCaig/Miyazaki love child. Thanks for sharing!


(I just saw this, sorry)

Thank you so much, that's so kind of you! I know Miyazaki, but I looked up Ian McCaig's and I am in love. Serious art goals!! Thanks for adding more inspiration. ::D: 


Just wow!!!




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      This thread is brought to you by the number 3!

      Table of Contents:
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      - Rambling, Part 3: Throughout
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      - Kiara: 1: Design, 2: Workflow and Blockout, 3: Finished Blockout,
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      2020 was STILL spent on my brain and learning, even if my hands wouldn't let me practice it.
      Between my arms getting worse and *gestures broadly in 2020,* that didn't leave much energy for socializing either.
      But now that I have fixed arms, I'm excited to pace myself get my butt into the art chair! Wooo! Nevermind, my arms are still dying and the doctor said I have to pace myself.
      As much as I would like to continue with green stuff sculpting, I just can't sculpt physically as long as I can digitally. So for now, digital practice it is!
      While I couldn't actually *do* anything with the information I learned over the last year and a half, I took tons of notes and tried to reread them when I could.
      I'm happy to list the videos and books if folks are interested. :)
    • By Morihalda
      Wooo! Since I have arms again, I can paint again!
      I know it can be more difficult to get better blends on larger surfaces, but some semblance of brush control seems more important to get back first. That seems easier to do with larger areas first. And I've been dying to work on this piece for years, so it all works out!
      These bookends were a gift from a friend a couple years ago. He was moving across the country and entrusted his more fragile Lord of the Rings pieces to me. I loved it. It's a Weta Workshop/Sideshow Collectible titled, "No Admittance."
      Bookends in their well-loved, gifted state and after a *very* good dusting last week!

      Primed a couple days ago! The weather has been kinda meh for priming so this is the best it's gonna get haha.

      I put some color on this morning! Reaper paints, of course. I grabbed The Hobbit audiobook from my library's app, so I'm very excited to cozy up with a good book and get to painting this winter!

      (Current time excluding prep: 1.5 hours)
      Bah. I'm gonna have to edit this later so Gandalf stays on the right side throughout my photos!
      Edit: You know, I think he looks better on the left. Then you can see both faces properly when turned.
    • By Morihalda
      I apologize for not being on the forums (or doing art) so much lately! Between "2020," a new house, and my arm problems, I lost a lot of drive. Kinda hard to keep up the discipline of practicing and/or enjoying art when you physically can't do it....
      We finally saved up enough to get my right arm looked at in late September. I've only mentioned it a few times, but I've had problems in both hands for several years. I already couldn't do too much each day, but back in March my right elbow began to be in severe daily pain too. I couldn't do anything at all for seven months.
      My doctor listened (!), called for a test that we were able to do right away, and confirmed that I had pinched nerves in both arms. He said it likely happened when I was a kid and that's why I've had all those other misdiagnosed issues for so many years! Within 10 days, he performed the surgery on both elbows.
      I couldn't do anything for another month except pout on the couch LOL but I am finally cleared for all activities again! My hand strength is half of what it should be and it will take some time, but I have a list of exercises to fix that. He also set me up with another doctor who will look at my back problems in a couple weeks. Maybe I'll be able to start running around again too! I miss nature!
      I promised the doctor I would take it slow. But! I'm so excited to be back here with everyone for art and friend time!
      So how are you all holding up?? I've missed well over 400 pages in the Randomness thread!
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