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To go with my superhero project, I decided I was going to sculpt my own Captain America.  My blog has my rambling reasons, but basically I wanted an up-armoured more modern version.  Yes there is a nice model by Knight Miniatures, but it is more in line with the classic comic version.


Anyhow, to save some effort on sculpting muscles, I started from a non-heroic dolly.  I have pics of how I reshaped mine and also Deano (a Hasslefree Miniature, 28mm figure) for scale.  I have put these in since I had no comparison of the dollies to go by, I am sure somebody would enjoy this.


From the bare metal stage, I do have to fix some gouges I made when my padding slipped and I still need to file down a lot of metal from the soles of the feet.



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No real time lag here, but I wanted to make the posts smaller for the pics.  Here is after the first stage, his chest and back armour with shoulder pads.


Once fully cured I will sculpt in the connection to the front/back and move onto the other stages of armour.


These are a bit rough and I enjoy the big pictures to touch up my mistakes.


Any comments/criticisms appreciated.  The part I am dreading is the face...I have always had trouble with faces.  I might decapitate another figure to save myself that trouble and sculpt the mask/helmet onto the new head.  Then again, if I keep skipping faces I will never get better.




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I did a bit of work on this guy last night.  As the weird angle pic shows, I did the elbow pads and belt.  I am intending to tie the elbow pads into his suit directly.  There are some shirts out there that do include built in elbow pads so it is in the realm of reality.


I also converted a spare shield I had lying around.  Not attached yet just checking the size.


More pics and rambling on my blog.



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A bit more work to show.  Not shown are the pictures I snapped, saw my mistakes and quickly corrected.


I opted for abdomen armour like a baseball catcher pad and added in the ubiquitous suspenders.  That (and the mask and shield) needed to be included to keep the theme of Captain America.  Oh sure, you can call it web gear...but I think suspenders is funny.


Yes I know there is a gap in the back.  I will be sculpting the buckles (including the centre yoke) once the straps are cured.


Next I think I will go onto his pants and filling the gouges on his legs.  I can't decide if I want fabric pants or spandex pants.  I am leaning toward spandex but then I can't do pockets on his legs.  On the other hand if I don't do spandex for his legs, his arms will look a bit silly as spandex.  Any suggestions?



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A bit of sculpting time and I managed to add on the back yoke and the pouches on the right side of his belt.


It is tough to get good pics between the small scale and glare from the greenstuff.


I might just try over exposing the mini to light to see if that helps.  I do put him under my desk lamp to speed up curing and the details are visible from more than arms-length away.


Anybody have advice on taking better pics of greens?  As I use the pics to find my errors and fix them the better the pics the better my sculpt will turn out.


It seems like the one-handed push-up position seems to be the best one for pictures.



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I had a bit of time today so I added a pouch to the left side of the belt and blocked out the top of the boots.  I will need to go back and blend them in better as I am not happy with how the blending was going so I just trimmed them back as thin as I could to build up to smooth down.


More rambling on my blog, mostly about the problems with trying to sculpt when you don't have time to photograph and adjust.



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I found a bit of time to do some sculpting and managed to get the laces for the boots done.  More blending for the rest of the boots, but progress is being made.


I stopped the laces where I did because I will be putting shin guards across the front of his leg so the laces will be covered up.


Again more pics on my blog.


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