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With the weekend I was able to find some time to not only take pictures, but also to sculpt a bit more.


Although no separate pictures were taken showing it off alone, I did do the belt buckle and filled in a gouge on his chest armour.


The bulk of today was the first stage of his leg armour.  I will start with the shin guards, then add the knee protectors on top and finally the straps for it all.


More rambling on my blog and a couple more angle shots if you are interested.


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Not much to show, but doing it anyways to keep myself accountable.


I added the straps to his knee/shin pads and filled in some gaps on his legs.


I also have his right hand at about 80%.  Once the next stage is cured I will tidy it up and attach it.


I have decided not to go with extra padding on his knees as I thought it would look silly after I saw what those pads look like.


Likewise, I am going back and forth on spandex vs pants again.


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Getting near the final (and critical) details now.


The helmet is just starting to take shape.  In the background the hands are also visible.  Right, nearly ready to attach.  Left, bit more work but won't get attached until painting I think.


Do the eyes look right?  They are a tiny bit (1/3 of a mm) too high and I am curios if it is really noticeable.  The bottom edge of the front will get cleaned up after I have added on the nose and mouth.



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With no comments, I am going to assume the eyes look fine...or it is just so terrible nobody can comment on how to salvage it.  ^_^


I managed to grab the tools as do the face this morning.  I had to restart as my youngest snuck into the basement as I was touching up the nose and startled me.  Sure the tool only moved about 2 mm...which put the nose in the eye socket.


Anyhow, I tried to get the Chris Evans face...but failed miserably.  I do think I got his little smirk/grimace he does when trying to look tough at least.


The nose is all off I know.  I made it too wide and flat.  The lips will be the limit of facial sculpting (other than the chin) as I will be putting on the chinstrap for his helmet which will cover his cheeks.


Any comments appreciated.





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I managed to do quite a bit of work on Steve Rogers this weekend, but unfortunately short of finishing him.


I have included a shadow picture to help show how my details blend in when colour is less of an issue.


Any comments would be appreciated or details that need to be corrected...I'm so close to this I am sure there is something I am missing.


Again, more pics and rambling on my blog.



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