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WINTERDALE 2: Medieval Fantasy Citadel Collection - IGG


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(KS links left in)



If you missed The Original Winterdale then this is your chance to get the city.
If you backed the The Original Winterdale then you can opt-in for the stretch goals only.

Winterdale is 3d printable city, delivered as an STL File pack for your 3d printer



After the successful release of The Original Winterdale, we are now ready to expand the city. This is a 21 day fundraiser.

Winterdale is a complete modular medieval fantasy city for 28mm tabletop wargames and RPG. Each model is delivered as a .stl file pack to be downloaded and printed on your home 3D Printer.

We are the worlds first and only dedicated 3d printable scenery website and have built up a great following selling our models throughout the world based on both model quality and design. www.printablescenery.com

Beasts Of War ---  3D Printing Industry --- Maker Games --- Adafruit

Each piece is first hand drawn then individually 3D sculpted for maximum detail and optimized to print on small home printers. 




All our models are original designs by professional fantasy artists

The Perks ...

THE HAMLET:This is a modular cottage collection. 14 Individually sculpted modular pieces that can be arranged to create a variety of multi level buildings and bridges. Delivered in downloadable .stl file format for your 3D printer so you can print and scale the pieces how you like.. 


THE TOWER: Everything in the previous perk (The Hamlet) and consists of 5 modular tower building pieces and 3 gnarly trees delivered in downloadable .stl file format for your 3D printer. + the free bonus items see below



THE CITADEL  Everything from the previous perks (The Hamlet and the Tower) and also consists of 12 modular castle building pieces. Delivered in downloadable .stl file format for your 3D printer. This level qualifies for Turret Cupola, Gate, Castle Hording and Barbican Stretch Goals + the free bonus items, see below.



THE CASTLE:  Everything from the ALL previous perks (The Hamlet and the Tower and the Citadel) and also consists of castle wall extension gatehouse and drawbridge. Deliverd as an STL file pack to be printed on a home 3d Printer. This level qualifies for ALL the Stretch Goals + the free bonus items + the free bonus items, see below.


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5 hours left


Stretch Goals ...

The basic 'perk' levels represent amazing value in themselves but with the addition of the extra models available by the unlocking of the stretch goals for each perk level you'll be getting an unbelievable amount of models for your perk.














Stretch goals will be completed before May 2016

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