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Yet Another Anhurian Spearman (77359) (Bones)

Chris Palmer

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 This week I finished up the last of the Town Guard from the Bones II, Expansion 2, "Town Guard" set, by painting the Spearman figure.  There's been a number of these posted here of late, so I thought I'd add mine to the forum as well. :)
     His spear was all bent out of shape, and I tried the usual Bones boiling water straightening method to get it right again, but just wasn't able to get it perfectly straight.  While I don't mind a little "wonkiness" in a wizards staff, I felt the spear really needed to be straight.  So, I replaced the Bones spear shaft with one made from a round toothpick.  It was no problem slicing off the original shaft, drilling through the hand, and drilling a small indent in the bottom of the spear head, and then gluing it all back together again with Gorilla Superglue.

  I then did a simple tabletop paint-job on him, added an old Space Marine transfer to the shield, and based him for use with Frostgrave.


As always, C & C welcome.




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Nicely done.


Need to get these along with the others for some back up NPC fodder. I'm just debating on what weapons would be the most common in a small river town run by corrupt officials.




It depends: are the corrupt officials maintaining the troops to protect themselves from threats both internal and external, or are the guards kept by another entity and the corrupt officious have say over their funding but also feel they might be a threat? If they are fighting brigands or pirates or such on the river, they're going to want archers and spearman to more effectively fight between boats, or defendthe docks and banks against boats. If they are well funded, add the crossbows.





You may well have done this and I just didn't see it, but I'd love to see a complete warband of yours.  I've loved your terrain bits and the couple of minis I've seen, but I'm gonna be that greedy kid and insist that I want the whole thing  :=)

No, I don't think I have posted a full one, but I don't mind doing requests. :). Oddly enough, I've painted a lot of troops for Forstgrave, but have ended up working in a number of warbands in parallel; so I don't have one fully completed all on winterized bases. I should have my first full one done by Monday, so will post a group shot for you then. :)

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