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Tiles of Adventuring: Tabletop Grid System


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(Didn't see this one listed)


Interesting concept. I really like Rapheal's clear acrylic sheet over the maps at RCon I guess this one would take it a bit further by providing the grid onto the clear sheet. Kind of a clear Tact-tile so to speak.




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Last few days..


Hey Everyone!

So here's what I came up with for the templates. But first... One of the things that always bothered me about them (especially for persistence effect) was how a round / oval / teardrop templates would cause your fig to lean over if you happen to be on the edge of the template like this:


 So what I came up was this: A circle template with a square around it.


It also just happens that since you can color the lines (which looks a lot better than this picture.There are some funky things going on with the reflection of the red along the edges of the acrylic and  making the piece itself look like it has a bit of a red tint which is doesn't. Taking pictures isn't my thing and I couldn't figure out how to get a better shot) you can see exactly what squares are affected by the template, still see the map underneath, and you're figs won't fall over! 

I have a request for 2 sets:



 Which will include 2 of everything shown except for the 45 Turn Template.



 Which will include 1 of everything that you see here. Since these are all based on squares you don't quite have the same issues with the round style templates, but you can still color them to make them easier to see.


 And again, not a great picture but it looks fine in real life.

After having the templates up for discussion for a week, there were the only two request that I got. So if you want something different / or sets for other games systems (that you would use with the tiles, ie we aren't going to do Warmachine or other games like that for this Kickstarter) now is the time to speak up! 

As far as cost goes, we are probably looking at around $10 per set (no additional shipping), and I'll have that firmed up once I see if there are any other suggestions and get the final layouts down.



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