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Artist Trading Cards

Some of us are playing around creating hand-made Artist Trading Cards and swapping them via the mail.

ATCs are hand drawn or painted cards using markers, pencil, chalk, ink etc, on standard playing card sized pieces of paper (or other materials sufficiently flat enough to fit into a card-sleeve).

Technical details:
Finished size is: 2.5" x 3.5" (64 mm × 89 mm) — this is the size of a standard playing card.

This thread is for showing off the cards created for this exchange.

Rules for this thread:

The recipient should be the first one to see each card.

Please post an image of the card only after the recipient has confirmed they have seen it.

Senders, recipients, or both are encouraged to post pix of the cards.


Participants in the first round:
DogBL, Sirithiliel, Tarsemina, Morihalda, TGP, Pingo, Inarah, & Tarsemina


Participants in the second round:
Pcktlnt, Jay, djizomdjinn, Morihalda, TGP, Pcklnt, Inarah
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Top Posters In This Topic

I am all about this. I like the monolith...you have a very nice art style, and I wouldn't mind being a part of this exchange just for more of your work, TGP.

The monolith is great! The current campaign I am DMing has a number of monoliths...as soon as the players follow that hook...So, technically the campaign does not have any monoliths, but theroretically there is like four that TGP's ATC is perfect for. 

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