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Custom Sculpt - General Oliver Brookwater

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to show you all my latest sculpt and get your feedback.


I am trying to *redacted* miniatures. Maybe some day *redacted*.


Right now Gen. Brookwater is in the last stages before *redacted*.  Still need to nail down the casting method and the material. But, hopefully, in the fall of 2016 or so *redacted*.


But now is your chance to let me know what you like, what you don't like, what you'd prefer to see. Because, for the time being, changes can still be made!


I'll be posting updates as time goes on and soon will have a youtube video up so you can really see him.


Thank you!










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Very Nice!

Interesting concept with the leg.


But maybe a shirt of some sort between his armor and skin around his neck area?

Armor chafes, especially when it is hot and or wet, and some cloth would make him much more comfortable!



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I like the flags on his pauldrons.

I have to disagree, unless he comes with customizable pauldrons. I like the idea of flags on his pauldrons, but unless you're catering to one specific nationality, I'd leave them off.



Otherwise, he's pretty awesome.

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looks great, but I do find that there is too much difference in the pants.


When you look at the left leg you'll notice more foldings in the fabric, looks good, when you look at the right leg ( the whole one) it looks rather smooth.

This should be more alike IMHO.

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He looks badass enough that his skin rubs off the inner layer of the armor, not the other way around... ;-)


Must agree on the issue of flags on the pauldrons.

Unless you have a highly successful 'alternate history' franchise to build from, that detail will actually detract from the desirability of the mini.

Of course, casting the pauldrons separate, with at least one 'blank' set would tip it the other way. It would also make the mini much more customisable... I think...

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IMHO the hands are too small and the pose of the head seems strange (should go a bit forward maybe?).

Otherwise a cool mini i'd like to buy.

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Hi everyone,


I wanted to show you all my latest sculpt and get your feedback.


I am trying to develop my own line of fun and unique miniatures. Maybe some day develop them into a table top game.

Be careful about rubbing up against the non-commerce rules of the forum. Feedback is good, but market research is prohibited.

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On the night of August 16th 1780 a group of hooded figured snuck out onto the battlefield in Camden. The British Red Coats and the Rebels had both retreated for the time being, leaving over a thousand corpses strewn in the fields. The hooded figures got to work. With bone, sinew and blood they drew diagrams and circles whos shape would shake sanity.   A few hours before dawn the portal opened to the delight of the cloaked figures.  To the delight of the demons who came through a hooded buffet was provided.


Now the industrial British American Colonies and the Confederated American Sates hold an uneasy peace as they both face the challenge of the rising pestilence of the Lich army.


Dsmiles, Gadgetman!  I hear you, and I never thought of it that way.  But let me see what I can do.,


Tosek, I'll look at the hands and angle of the head.  You know how it gets when you stare at something for 10 hours, you can't really see it any more.


Xherman, I'll check out the leg.  I was thinking the stubby leg actually had too many wrinkles,  maybe bunch them around the tied off area and then add them to show pinching from the straps on the leg?



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So as I make tweaks to the general, any votes for what I make next?

1. a Lich demon with a flaming skull

2. A female warrior with huuugggeee... Iron fists.

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I like him a lot!


I'm not too keen on the 'gatling pistol' though. I can't really put my finger on what about it I don't like, but it just bugs me.



Lich with flaming skull!

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I like him a lot!


I'm not too keen on the 'gatling pistol' though. I can't really put my finger on what about it I don't like, but it just bugs me.

Historically, it's called a 'pepper box.' Totally a real thing.



@TZ: I like the plain pauldrons. Maybe some decals for the two opposing sides' flags in the alternate-history conflict?

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      I enjoy using the interface on Hero Forge so far.  I have designed and purchased 3 STLs and 2 minis.
      Once I received the print, I made a manual adjustment to his skull.  An ironic happenstance, given the character's name.
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      So I removed a large segment of his skull by the patch to approximate the results of his disfigurement once the party ... eventually ... managed to raise him from the dead.  His demeanor and appearance was never pleasing to begin with and now it's even worse.
      I painted on a primer coat first so I could see where I was removing plastic better.  The majority of the work was done with a rounded mini-file as well as a small gouge chisel.  I cleaned up the space with a small sanding twig.
      For a color scheme, his pallid skin is Reaper's Fair Skin.  The coat is Army Painter's D&D Vampire Garments with Army Painter D&D Mouldy Wash.  I put the wash over his skin and his hand wraps as well.  The coat's trim is just the Vampire Garments again.


      For the tans I used Reaper's Desert Sand, Desert Stone, Desert Tan, and Woodland Brown; or some combination thereof.  The eye patch, the lining of the coat and the belt are Army Painter's D&D Wraith Black as well as the tattoos on his right and left forearms and the side of his head.
      His boots started out as Reaper's Coal Black but I need to reshake the bottle before going back to it.
      Yes, I know the pics and the paint wash are a little dark, but the next set of pics will be better lit.  I am planning on layering his highlights up to brighter points. 
      More work to come soon.
      Stay Tuned and Safe.  Enjoy.
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      This is a bunch of minis in one. I was looking at my pygmy mammoth mini a couple of months ago and I just felt the need to dangle something from its tusks. I found some little bottles I had bought years ago from a Michaels or Joann and the rest of the ideas followed smoothly. I chopped some phosphorescent plastic from a little dino model you find in Fred Meyer and put those in the bottles and they do glow in the dark. I wasn't able to take a good photo of that, alas. I first saw the idea of a large pack animal with lanterns on it, traveling into an uncertain world, years ago when I saw this art: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/7638820 and fell in love with it.
      List of materials
      - Pygmy mammoth https://www.reapermini.com/search/mammoth/latest/44111
      - Shadoweyes Catfolk rogue https://www.reapermini.com/search/cat rogue/latest/44118
      - Adventuring accessories https://www.reapermini.com/search/02638
      - Adventuring accessories II https://www.reapermini.com/search/02963
      - green stuff (I used the silicone sculpting brushes and vaseline to get this level of detail)
      - little bottles from Michaels or Joann
      - phosphorescent plastic (I used the plastic support for the dino pieces from JARU, Inc. Dino World Glow Fossils - no dino pieces were harmed in the making of this mini)
      Here are more close up photos.

      And here is the making process.

      He even has a uvula :)

      I chopped off the platform and the swords from the rogue cat. And then I cut off its legs and tail so i could reposition them on top of the mammoth.

      And then I summoned the green stuff.

      It was really hard to detach the sacks from their metal anchor. I was basically chewing away at the metal with my pliers. But eventually they came off.

      Priming this was challenging.

      I sealed the base with a heavy layer of gloss sealer later on.

      Invoking more green stuff, this time for the cape, blanket edges and the harnesses.

      I used the cap on one of my new brushes to support the rolled up corner of the cape overnight otherwise it would have fallen flat. I smeared it with vaseline so it wouldn't stick and become a problem once the green stuff dried.

      Sculpted the edges of the blanket because just painting the dangly threads on the mammoth looked flat and most unsatisfactory.

      I think I'll name her Shen. And have her wreck havoc for my players in my D&D campaigns.

      I don't have photos for the harnesses because after staring at this mini for so long I got dizzy and had to lie down. And then I forgot to take pics and I finished the piece. The harnesses are just twisted long strips of green stuff. I measured the distance from the tusk to the hand and then made them and let them dry before attaching them.
      Hope you enjoyed this build :)
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      Presenting Little Dorothy, the fourth member and leader of the Oz gang from Twisted by Demented games.
      Wasn't as fun to paint as some of the others, but I think she turned out okay.
      As a bonus, here she is with Big Dorothy (The original version I painted a while ago):-

      Weirdly, they both ended up in the same colour dress despite not looking at Big Dorothy until I dug her out to take this piccy.
      As always, any comments or criticisms are warmly received.
    • By Peithetairos
      To complement my Ent I wanted to sculpt a small toad man. None of yhe available miniatures really fit the bill, so I started from  scratch. 


      After bulking out the body with greenstuff and milliput (to make it less bendy)  I made good progress with the skin texture. The combination of micro beads, poppy seeds and super glue applicator tube produced a really nice warty skin texture. 



      Next are the arms and legs. He will be a plain toad, only a hand weapon will be added inspired by Polynesian arms. 
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