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Ral Partha AD&D Monsters Part 4 (lots of pics)

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I have those gibberlings and they don't look nearly so nice as yours. They don't count as finished yet so I may get around to making them nicer soon. I also have the Normal furniture versions of those mimics that That ral partha made.


Really liking this look at the old stuff, and am amazed at how well they were painted. especially after I saw some of the old school painting guides and tips in the old Dragon magazine, and just how not amazing the paint jobs in those tended to look.

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Those are great! Makes me want to paint up some of the oldies we own.

Do IT!!!!


Just post pics!

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So nice to see these!


I love them all, especially the mushromms on the shambling mound, the Yugoloth ( never heard of it before),.and the naga

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Excellent paintwork and great to see such vibrant colours.

Top notch work on some wonderful old school minis. Thanks for sharing and please do share more as you complete them!

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    • By stormbreach
      Hello all.  Today I just finished this Shambling Mound from Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures.  I decided to do it just like a tutorial I saw on Mini Junkies, so I'm not even sure how much credit I can claim for him .  Basically it's heavily drybrushed with white and then entirely inked.  I used Vallejo Game Inks and this was my first time trying them.  There are some imperfections and I wish some aspects had turned out different but I'm happy enough with him.  I didn't have enough guts to put grass and flock directly on him like I would have liked but I don't think any of the stuff I have would have looked right.  As it is the grass and flock on the base basically disappears because it blends with the greens on him.  Hope you enjoy him!

    • By SGHawkins09
      This chaos toad was another one of my ReaperCon entries, this time in the Painter's category. As I had multiple entries in the category, only one was judged and this was not the one chosen. Even though it was not the one judged, it is one of my favorites that I have painted recently. It is a fantastic sculpt by @TaleSpinner with fun details like the shrunken head and turtle shell canteen. 

    • By Venun
      Tried some cork on the base aswell, happy enough on the results, following bases were better though.

    • By Citrine
      I had used a bunch of leftover paint for the Reaper bones version of Aviriel Tellerion (77070), and those colors where more in the "evil spectrum" so I switched her over to being a dark elf.  Very happy with how her face turned out, sadly she is looking down so you cannot really see it on the table.
      It has been a while since I posted, I have had a slump in my desire to paint this spring and I tend to wait until I have a bunch to show off to get the light box out.   Avirion here was painted in March.

    • By Rigel
      It seems that scale creep is a very real thing! This is Nolzur's delightfully brutish and verdant Shambling Mound. For a Large creature it is very large indeed, easily the size of a tabletop-scale elephant or bigger, and extending way off a 2x2 base with its outstretched limb.

      I put some straight-pin mushrooms on it, as I do. 

      Here's a group shot with Reaper's beautiful Swamp Shambler and a WotC grab-bag Dryad and Needle Blight, for scale comparison. 
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